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Hittite Myths (Harry A Hoffner Jr) Paperback Book, (SBL Press, 1991) 9780788504884
Hittite Myths (Harry A Hoffner Jr) Paperback Book, (SBL Press, 1991) 9780788504884
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Title: Hittite Myths

Author: Hoffner Jr, Harry A

Publisher: SBL Press; Publication Date: 1991

Paperback; ISBN: 9780788504884

Edition: 2nd Volumes: 1; Pages: 136

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This work contains the first English translations of a collection of Hittite myths. The translations are based on the original tablets on which the myths were written, and take into account recent textual discoveries and published studies on the texts. Revised and augmented, this second edition includes additional introductions to each myth and a newly published Hurrian myth, "The Song of Release," dealing with legal and social institutions in ancient Babylonia and Israel. Accessible to nonspecialists, the translations also preserve column and line count for the convenience of scholars. Table of ContentsSeries Editor's Foreword Abbreviations Map of Anatolia Explanation of Signs Introduction Translations Old Anatolian Myths 1 The Illuyanka Tales 2 The Disappearance of Telipinu 3 The Disappearance of the Storm God 4 Sacrifice and Prayer to the Storm God of Nerik 5 Myths of Lost Storm Gods 6 Telipinu and the Daughter of the Sea God 7 The Disappearance of the Sun God 8 The Disappearance of Hannahanna 9 Myths of the Goddess Inara 10 Kamrusepa Myths 11 The Voyage of the Immortal Human Soul 12 When the Storm God Thunders Frightfully 13 Fragments of Myths about Lost and Found Deities Hurrian Myths 14 The Song of Kumarbi 15 The Song of the God LAMMA 16 The Song of Silver 17 The Song of Hedammu 18 The Song of Ullikummi 18a The Song of Release Tales Involving Deities and Mortals 19 A Tale of Two Cities: Kanesh and Zalpa 20 Appu and His Two Sons 21 The Sun God, The Cow, and the Fisherman 22 The Hunter Kessi and His Beautiful Wife A Canaanite Myth 23 Elkunirsa and Ashertu Sources Concordance Bibliography Glossary Indexes
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