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Chosen But Free: A Balanced View of Divine Election (Norman L Geisler) Paperback Book, (Bethany House Publishers, 2001) 9780764225215
Chosen But Free: A Balanced View of Divine Election (Norman L Geisler) Paperback Book, (Bethany House Publishers, 2001) 9780764225215
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Title: Chosen But Free: A Balanced View of Divine Election

Author: Geisler, Norman L

Publisher: Bethany House Publishers; Publication Date: 2001

Paperback; ISBN: 9780764225215

Volumes: 1; Pages: 288

List Price in Paper: $18.99 Our price: $15.50

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For too long there has only been argument. Divine election, however, is not just a theological debate without implications or answers. Instead, according to Dr. Geisler, it is a foundational tenet of faith that affects how you view ministry, pursue the unsaved, pray, and even how you understand the very nature of God himself.At the heart of his new book, Chosen But Free, Dr. Geisler explores both the dangers implicit in ascribing to extreme views on either side of the doctrinal coin as well as the blessings and freedoms tacit to a unified understanding of this theological question. He explores the convictions of extreme Calvinism and extreme Arminianism and suggests contradictions and biblically unfounded ideas that each of the sides must hold in order to justify their views.He then argues for a moderate position to the theological question, affirming the sovereignty of God and His foreknowledge along with the human responsibility to choose or reject God offer of salvation. This balance point champions the key points of your ministry including:* Consistently taking responsibility for our actions and confessing our sins before God.* Actively taking God's word to the lost in order to expand the kingdom of God.* Joyfully worshipping God as perfect, good, true, and ever-loving.* Thankfully celebrating the assurance of salvation through faith in Jesus.For too long the common belief has been held that God's sovereignty and human free will were mutually exclusive. By challenging your preconceived notions on divine election, you can move to a fuller understanding of God's plan for His people and be touched by the response to His offering of love and grace.Ideal for individual use or a challenging study with church leaders or other pastors, Chosen But Free is another compelling and important book from this widely respected theologian and pastor. Dr. Geisler has written what will become the definitive work on divine election for you as a scholar, theologian, or pastor seeking reconciliation of this debate.
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