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Book of Jerry Falwell: Fundamentalist Language and Politics (Susan Friend Harding) Paperback Book, (Princeton University Press, 2001) 9780691089584
Book of Jerry Falwell: Fundamentalist Language and Politics (Susan Friend Harding) Paperback Book, (Princeton University Press, 2001) 9780691089584
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Title: The Book of Jerry Falwell: Fundamentalist Language and Politics

Author: Harding, Susan Friend

Publisher: Princeton University Press; Publication Date: 2001

Paperback; ISBN: 9780691089584

Volumes: 1; Pages: 352

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National polls show that approximately 50 million adult Americans are born-again Christians. Yet most Americans see their culture as secular, and the United States is viewed around the world as a secular nation. Further, intellectuals and journalists often portray born-again Christians, despite their numbers, as outsiders who endanger public life. But is American culture really so neatly split between the religious and the secular? Is America as "modern" and is born-again Christian religious belief as "pre-modern" as many think?In the 1980s, born-again Christians burst into the political arena with stunning force. Gone was the image of "old-fashioned" fundamentalism and its anti-worldly, separatist philosophy. Under the leadership of the Reverend Jerry Falwell and allied preachers, millions broke taboos in place since the Scopes trial constraining their interaction with the public world. They claimed new cultural territory and refashioned themselves in the public arena. Here was a dynamic body of activists with an evangelical vision of social justice, organized under the rubric of the "Moral Majority."Susan Harding, a cultural anthropologist, set out in the 1980s to understand the significance of this new cultural movement. The result, this long-awaited book, presents the most original and thorough examination of Christian fundamentalism to date. Falwell and his co-pastors were the pivotal figures in the movement. It is on them that Harding focuses, and, in particular, their use of the Bible's language. She argues that this language is the medium through which born-again Christians, individual and collective, come to understand themselves as Christians. And it is inside this language that much of the born-again movement took place. Preachers like Falwell command a Bible-based poetics of great complexity, variety, creativity, and force, and, with it, attempt to mold their churches into living testaments of the Bible. Harding focuses on the words--sermons, speeches, books, audiotapes, and television broadcasts--of individual preachers, particularly Falwell, as they rewrote their Bible-based tradition to include, rather than exclude, intense worldly engagement. As a result of these efforts, born-again Christians recast themselves as a people not separated from but engaged in making history. The Book of Jerry Falwell is a fascinating work of cultural analysis, a rare account that takes fundamentalist Christianity on its own terms and deepens our understanding of both religion and the modern world.ContentsPreface and Acknowledgments ixA Guide to Terms xvINTRODUCTION Standing in the Gaps 3PART ONE RITES OF ORIGIN 31CHAPTER ONE Speaking Is Believing 33CHAPTER TWO Fundamentalist Exile 61PART TWO SITES OF REVISION 83CHAPTER THREE The Art ofJerry Falwell 85CHAPTER FOUR Sacrificial EconormIcs 105CHAPTER FIVE Cultural Exodus 125CHAPTER SIX The Moral Majority jeremiad 153CHAPTER SEVEN The Pro-Life Gospel 183CHAPTER EIGHT The Creation Museum 210CHAPTER NINE The Last Days 228CHAPTER TEN The Born-Again Telescandals 247Postscript 270Appendix A Thomas Road Baptist Church Statement of doctrine 277Appendix B Sources of Jerry Falwell's Sermons 280Notes to the Chapters 283Bibliography 313Credits 329Index 331
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