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One Hundred Latin Hymns: Ambrose to Aquinas (Peter G Walsh Christopher Husch (eds)) Hardcover Book, (Harvard University Press, 2012) 9780674057739
One Hundred Latin Hymns: Ambrose to Aquinas (Peter G Walsh Christopher Husch (eds)) Hardcover Book, (Harvard University Press, 2012) 9780674057739
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Title: One Hundred Latin Hymns: Ambrose to Aquinas

Author: Walsh, Peter G Christopher Husch (eds)

Publisher: Harvard University Press; Publication Date: 2012

Hardcover; ISBN: 9780674057739

Volumes: 1; Pages: 544

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"How I wept at your hymns and songs, keenly moved by the sweet-sounding voices of your church!" wrote the recently converted Augustine in his Confessions. Christians from the earliest period consecrated the hours of the day and the sacred calendar, liturgical seasons and festivals of saints. This volume collects one hundred of the most important and beloved Late Antique and Medieval Latin hymns from Western Europe.These religious voices span a geographical range that stretches from Ireland through France to Spain and Italy. They meditate on the ineffable, from Passion to Paradise, in love and trembling and praise. The authors represented here range from Ambrose in the late fourth century CE down to Bonaventure in the thirteenth. The texts cover a broad gamut in their poetic forms and meters. Although often the music has not survived, most of them would have been sung. Some of them have continued to inspire composers, such as the great thirteenth-century hymns, the Stabat mater and Dies irae.Contents Introduction Ambrose 1. Eternal Founder of the world 2. O radiance of the Father's glory 3. Now dawns the third hour of the day 4. O God, creator of all things 5. Give ear, O king of Israel 6. John, celebrated by Christ's love 7. O Christ most high, affording light 8. It is the day of Agnes's birth 9. This is the true day of our God 10. Victor, Nabor, Felix, all three 11. Jesus, to you new thanks I hymn 12. The suffering the apostles bore 13. As one who runs the apostles close [Ambrose] 14. The eternal gifts that Christ bestowed [Nicetas of Remesiana] 15. We praise you as God Prudentius 16. The winged herald of the day 17. O night and darkness and dense clouds 18. O God, fiery source of all spirits Sedulius 19. Away from the sunrise's hinge Venantius Fortunatus 20. Sing, my tongue, of that engagement 21. The standards of the king advance 22. The blessed cross gleams forth, where hung the Lord in flesh The Old Hymnal 23. Before the closing of the light 24. Now that the star of light has risen 25. Eternal founder of the light 26. Creator of the gleaming heavens 27. O God, who are the light of heaven 28. Now that the midnight hour is here 29. The dawn of day now crimson glows 30. Now that the daylight is restored 31. Keeping the fixed order of the hours 32. By faith in God, by which we live 33. Let us sound praises to the Lord 34. O Lord my God, who did create 35. Creator and the prince of days The New Hymnal 36. Ruler of power, God of truth 37. O God, the strength that binds all things 38. On this, the first day of all days 39. O God of greatest clemency 40. O sharer in the Father?s light 41. Our limbs being now refreshed from sleep 42. Eternal glory of the heavens 43. Noblest creator of the light 44. Boundless creator of the heavens 45. O mighty founder of the earth 46. Most holy God of heaven above 47. O God, whose power is so great 48. O kindly founder of the stars 49. O Trinity, our blessed light 50. O Christ, redeemer of all men 51. Instructed by the mystic norm 52. O kind creator, bend your ear 53. O Jesus, our redemption 54. Eternal king set high above 55. That day for which all longed in prayer 56. Now Christ had mounted to the stars 57. These joys so blessed unto us 58. O king of martyrs, glorious 59. O God, the portion, crown, and prize 60. Jesus, you are the virgins? crown 61. Jesus, redeemer of all men 62. He whom the earth and sea and sky 63. Hail, star of the ocean Columba of Iona 64. Ancient in days and unbegotten The Venerable Bede 65. Rejoice, you heavens, from above Anonymous 66. Let every age now recognize 67. O you bright giver of the light 68. O God, the source of all that is 69. Deign, holy Spirit, at this hour 70. The hour on which Christ thirsted, or 71. Now Christ, O sun of justice, let 72. You, oneness of the Trinity 73. The Father?s sole-begotten Son Theodulf of Orl�ans 74. Fame, honor, praise be yours, O Christ redeemer-king [Raban Maur] 75. Creator Spirit, come, and in Wipo 76. To the paschal victim, praises Aimar of Le Puy 77. Greetings, queen of mercy Abelard 78. How great, how splendid will that Sabbath be 79. When the virgin 80. His father God 81. How blessed was 82. Rejoice, virgin 83. O you Christians, clap your hands 84. Give Mary a tambourine 85. Goliath has been laid low 86. In the welcome days of spring 87. Leaping upon the mountain crests 88. With several successive leaps 89. Though she is still set on the earth 90. When unto the heights the Lord Adam of Saint Victor 91. Hail, O mother of our Savior Philip the Chancellor 92. Sing, my tongue, of Magdalena?s Bonaventure 93. In the passion of the Lord [Stephen Langton] 94. Holy Spirit, come [Thomas of Celano] 95. Day of fury, that sad day Saint Thomas Aquinas 96. Zion, send the Savior praises 97. The Word, emerging from on high 98. Tell, my tongue, the sacrament [Saint Thomas Aquinas] 99. Devotedly I worship, truth who are concealed Anonymous 100. Stood the mother full of grieving Note on the Texts Abbreviations Notes to the Texts and Translations Bibliography Index of Incipits General Index
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