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Religion of Ancient Israel (Patrick D Miller) Paperback Book, (Westminster John Knox, 2000) 9780664232375
Religion of Ancient Israel (Patrick D Miller) Paperback Book, (Westminster John Knox, 2000) 9780664232375
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Title: The Religion of Ancient Israel

Author: Miller, Patrick D

Publisher: Westminster John Knox; Publication Date: 2000

Paperback; ISBN: 9780664232375

Volumes: 1; Pages: 335

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Miller investigates the role religion played in the family, village, tribe, and nation-state of ancient Israel. He situates Israel's religion in context where a variety of social forces affected beliefs, and where popular cults openly competed with the "official" religion. He makes extensive use of both epigraphic and artefactual evidence as he probes the complexities of Iron Age culture and society.Table of ContentsList of Illustrations Foreword Acknowledgments Introduction Perspective Approach 1. God and the Gods: Deity and the Divine World in Ancient Israel Israel's God Images of Yahweh Characteristics of Yahweh The Divine World Yahweh out of the Gods The Gods in Yahweh Yahweh against the Gods The Feminine Dimension and the Question of the Goddess Excursus 1 Yahweh in Ancient Israel Excursus 2 Tanaach Cult Stand 2. Types of Religion in Ancient Israel The Question of Orthodoxy Orthodox Yahwism Heterodox Yahwism Syncretistic Yahwism The Form and Character of the Cult Family Religion Local and Regional Cults The Cultus of the Israelite Confederation The State Religion of Judah The State Religion of Israel Community Religion Interaction of Family Religion and Official National Religion 3. Sacrifice and Offering in Ancient Israel Types of Sacrifice Burnt Offering Grain or Cereal Offering Offering of Well-Being Purification Offering The Day of Atonement Reparation Offering Other Offerings The Purposes of Sacrifice and Offering Support and Welfare Order and Movement Flesh and Blood Food and Gift 4. Holiness and Purity Holiness and Power The Pervasiveness of the Holy The Holiness of Yahweh as the Ground of the Sacred Holiness in the Spheres of Space, Personality, and Time Holy Places Holy Things Holy Persons Holy Times The Complex Interaction of the Spheres of Holiness Gradations of Holiness Sanctification and Desanctification Clean and Unclean: Purity Variations in the Ideology of Holiness Priestly Writings Deuteronomy 5. Leadership and Participation in Israelite Religion Religious Leadership in Ancient Israel The Priest Priestly Responsibilities Divination Teaching Sacrifice Developments in the History of Priesthood The Prophet The Character of Israelite Prophecy Terminology Prophetic Groups Relation to the Social Order Relation to the Divine World Modes of Revelation Prophetic Activity Religious Dimensions of the Prophets' Messages The King Cultic Legitimation of the Social Order The King's Participation in the Cult The King and the Central Festival The Sage-Scribe Cultic Participation in Ancient Israel Exclusion of Foreigners Participation of Women Torah Obedience Epilogue Abbreviations Notes Bibliography Sources of the Illustrations Index of Biblical Passages and Ancient Sources Index of Subjects
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