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Heavenly Trumpet: John Chrysostom and the Art of Pauline Interpretation (Margaret M Mitchell) Paperback Book, (Westminster John Knox, 2002) 9780664225100
Heavenly Trumpet: John Chrysostom and the Art of Pauline Interpretation (Margaret M Mitchell) Paperback Book, (Westminster John Knox, 2002) 9780664225100
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Title: Heavenly Trumpet: John Chrysostom and the Art of Pauline Interpretation

Author: Mitchell, Margaret M

Publisher: Westminster John Knox; Publication Date: 2002

Paperback; ISBN: 9780664225100

Volumes: 1; Pages: 563

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Arguing that all Pauline interpretation depends significantly upon the ways in which readers formulate their own images of the apostle, Margaret M. Mitchell posits that John Chrysostom, the most prolific interpreter of the Pauline epistles in the early church, exemplifies this phenomenon. Mitchell brings together Chrysostom's copious portraits of Paul-of his body, his soul, and his life circumstances-and for the first time analyzes them as complex rhetorical compositions built upon well-known conventions of Greco-Roman rhetoric. Two appendices offer a fresh translation of Chrysostom's seven homilies de laudibus sancti Pauli and a catalogue of color plates of artistic representations that graphically represent the author/exegete dynamic this study explores. Margaret M. Mitchell is Associate Professor of New Testament at The Divinity School and Acting Chair of the Department of New Testament and Early Christian Literature in the Division of the Humanities, The University of Chicago. She is the author of Paul and the Rhetoric of Reconciliation, also available from Westminster John Knox Press.Table of ContentsAcknowledgements and Permissions Preface Note on Style Abbreviations of Ancient Works Cited Abbreviations of Periodicals, Reference Works, and Series List of Plates Ch. 1 "Of All the Saints I Love Paul the Most" The Sources The Historical Significance of Chrysostom as an Interpreter of Paul Previous Scholarship Methodological Presuppositions of this Study Approaching Chrysostom's Rhetorical Art Contemporary Resonances with Chrysostom's Interpretation of Paul Praise for Paul's Devoted Interpreter Ch. 2 "The Archetypal Image" [actual symbol not reproducible] The Hermeneutical Framework of the Portraits "The Archetypal Image" The Highest Artistic Standard: The Imperial Portrait [actual symbol not reproducible] Conclusions on the Framework of the Portraits A Final Question: Why Paul? Ch. 3 "The Warm Lover of Christ"--Pauline Miniatures Epithets As Portraits in Miniature Chrysostom's Gallery of Miniature Portraits of Paul Literary Analysis of Epithets Conclusion Ch. 4 "The Imperial Portrait [actual symbol not reproducible]" Unveiled: Portraits of Paul's Body Full-Scale Portraits of Paul--Three Types The Tools of Portrayal Hom. in 1 Cor. 13--Paul as the Perfect Portrait of Christ Hom. in Rom. 32--Paul's Body Rejuvenated Form the Dust Conclusion Ch. 5 "The Meadow of Virtues" [actual symbol not reproducible]: Portraits of Paul's Soul Painting a Soul De laudibus sancti Pauli Holistic Depictions Through Portraits of Pauline "Accessories" Full-Scale Portraits of Paul: Conclusions Ch. 6 "Obviously By Some Divine and Ineffable Power": Biographical Portraits of Paul "External Circumstances" [actual symbol not reproducible] Large-Scale Portraits of Paul's Life Circumstances Partial Portraits of Paul's "External Circumstances" A Final Portrait: Paul as Assailant of "External Circumstances" Conclusions on the Biographical Portraits Ch. 7 "The Soul Which Reached as Far as Heaven": Historiographical Issues in Chrysostom's Pauline Interpretation Recapitulation of Chrysostom's Pauline Portraiture Pauline Portraiture and Patristic Exegesis The "Historical Paul" and Chrysostom's Hermeneutics Paul and Peter Paul and Christ The Social Functions of Chrysostom's Rhetorical Art Oral and Written Forms of the Biographic Conclusion: Hung upon the Ring of Paul Ch. 8 "Partners in This Love Charm": The Art of Pauline Interpretation Exegesis as Portraiture Pauline Portraiture in Late Antiquity: Augustine and Chrysostom Pauline Portraiture in the Late Twentieth Century Chrysostom and the Task of Pauline Interpretation The Death and Resurrection of the Author Final Images App. 1 English Translation of de laudibus sancti Pauli 1-7 App. 2 Artistic Images of John Chrysostom and Paul Plates Bibliography Indices Review"Sure to be a standard resource for scholars in the field, this book, with its accessible style and wealth of information, can be profitably read by a wide range of students as well as by interested general readers"--Church History.
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