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Life in Biblical Israel (Philip J King Lawrence E Stager) Hardcover Book, (Westminster John Knox, 2002) 9780664221485
Life in Biblical Israel (Philip J King Lawrence E Stager) Hardcover Book, (Westminster John Knox, 2002) 9780664221485
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Title: Life in Biblical Israel

Author: King, Philip J Lawrence E Stager

Publisher: Westminster John Knox; Publication Date: 2002

Hardcover; ISBN: 9780664221485

Volumes: 1; Pages: 440

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This special-edition volume of the Library of Ancient Israel, based on the latest research, presents a vivid description of the world of Ancient Israel, covering such topics as domestic life, the means of existence, cultural expression, and religious practices. With over 175 full-color pictures and illustrations, Life in Biblical Israel opens the door to everyday life in biblical Israel for all readers. This volume is perfect for classrooms, coffee tables, and personal use. Philip J. King, a priest of the Archdiocese of Boston, is Professor Emeritus of Biblical Studies at Boston College. Past President of the American Schools of Oriental Research, the Catholic Biblical Association of America, and the Society of Biblical Literature, he is currently Director of the Shelby White-Leon Levy Program for Archaeological Publications. Lawrence E. Stager is Dorot Professor of The Archaeology of Israel, Harvard University, and the Director of the Harvard Semitic Museum. He directs the Leon Levy Expedition to Ashkelon in Israel. His archaeological research and writing focus on ancient Mediterranean cultures of Canaanites, Phoenicians, Philistines, and Israelites.Table of ContentsIllustrations Foreword Preface Abbreviations Chronology of the Levant 1. Introduction: The Importance of the Everyday Life The Problem with Texts The Structure of Israelite Society The Work of Archaeologists The Rhythms of Life Micah and the Levite A Day in Micah's Household 2. The Israelite House and Household Domestic Architecture Building Materials Pillared House Family and Kinship Kinsman-Redeemer Father's House Children Women Marriage Old Age Crimes and Punishments in the Family Context Meals for Family and Guests Hospitality Furniture Food Preparation Daily Meals Illness and Healing Hygiene Threats to Health Health Consultants Medical Procedures Religion and Healing 3. The Means of Existence Farming and Animal Husbandry Physical Geography and Climate The Agricultural Year Agricultural Tools Cultivation and Processing of Edibles Other Flora Animal Husbandry Water Sources Springs Wells Cisterns Underground Reservoirs Arts and Crafts Pottery Textiles Tanning Metallurgy Travel, Transport, and Trade Overland Routes Seafaring Travel Transport Trade 4. Patrimonial Kingdom The Royal City The Acropolis The Imperial Impact of Assyria on Israelite Architecture The King's Table Urban Water Systems Underground Water Systems Jerusalem Warfare, Armies, and Weapons Weapons of War Fortifications Armies Neo-Assyrian Warfare Neo-Babylonian Warfare 5. Culture and the Expressive Life Dress and Adornments Clothing Jewelry and Ornaments Perfumes Cosmetics Grooming Aromatics Music, Song, and Dance Music and Its Functions Musical Instruments Dance Literacy and Schools Evidence of Writing Writing Materials Literacy Schools 6. Religious Institutions Sacred Sites "High Places" Temples and Shrines Ritual Objects Altars Cult Stands Cult Figurines Votives Religious Practices Feasts Marzeah Sacrifices and Offerings "Clean" and "Unclean" Death, Burial, and Afterlife Tomb Types and Burial Customs Mourning Belief in the Afterlife Cult of the Dead Necromancy Epilogue Maps Bibliography Index of Biblical Passages and Ancient Sources Index of Modern Authors Index of Subjects
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