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Sport and Spectacle in the Ancient World (Donald G Kyle) Hardcover Book, (Wiley-Blackwell, 2006) 9780631229704
Sport and Spectacle in the Ancient World (Donald G Kyle) Hardcover Book, (Wiley-Blackwell, 2006) 9780631229704
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Title: Sport and Spectacle in the Ancient World

Author: Kyle, Donald G

Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell; Publication Date: 2006

Hardcover; ISBN: 9780631229704

Volumes: 1; Pages: 416

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Sport and Spectacle in the Ancient World chronicles more than 2000 years of public sporting events in the Ancient Mediterranean, investigating their origins, nature and significance.* Traces the precursors of Greek and Roman sports and spectacles in the Ancient Near East and the Bronze Age Aegean* Broad in chronological scope covers over 2000 years of history* Investigates the origins, nature and meaning of sport, covering issues of violence, professionalism, class, gender and eroticism* Looks at athletics, combat sports, chariot racing, beast fights and gladiators* Challenges the notion that Greek sport and Roman spectacle were polar opposites* Accessible, illustrated, and up-to-date discussion of ancient public, competitive physical performancesContentsList of Illustrations.List of Maps.Abbreviations.Preface and Acknowledgements.Introduction: Ancient Sport History.1. Origins and Essences: Early Sport and Spectacle.2. Late Bronze Age Minoans, Hittites and Mycenaeans3. Sport in Homer: Contests, Prizes, Heroes and Honor.4. Archaic Greece: Athletic Festivals in an Age of Change.5. In Search of the Real Ancient Olympics.6. Ancient Olympic Games: Setting, Operation, Contests, and Spectacle.7. The Panhellenic Circuit of Sacred Crown Games.8. Athens- City of Contests and Prizes.9. Spartan Sport and Physical Education: Building the Body Politic.10. Athletes: Myths, Motives, and Mobility.11. Females and Greek Athletics.12. Macedon and Hellenistic Sport and Spectacle (to ca. 200 B.C.).13. The Roman Republic: Festivals, Celebrations, and Games.14. Late Republic and Augustus: Spectacles, Popular Politics, and Empire.15. Spectacle, Sport, and the Roman Empire (I).16. Games and the Roman Empire (II).Conclusion: Sport and/or/as Spectacle.Selected Bibliography.Index.
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