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Christianity for the Twenty First Century (Philip Francis Esler) Paperback Book, (Bloomsbury T & T Clark, 1998) 9780567086013
Christianity for the Twenty First Century (Philip Francis Esler) Paperback Book, (Bloomsbury T & T Clark, 1998) 9780567086013
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Title: Christianity for the Twenty First Century

Author: Esler, Philip Francis

Publisher: Bloomsbury T & T Clark; Publication Date: 1998

Paperback; ISBN: 9780567086013

Volumes: 1; Pages: 288

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As we enter the twenty-first century after Christ's birth, does Christianity have a clear future? Does it have the resources to meet the challenges of the new millennium thrown up in a world grown increasingly secular and pluralist? Can its theological and moral vision help build a future which is more informed, more compassionate, more just?

Philip F. Esler and a team of expert contributors provide a basis for saying 'yes' to these questions. By looking at how Chrstianity has responded to various challenges and at many strands in its rich ethical tradition, they show that Christians could have an important voice in the future.

In a spirit of open engagement with concerns central to our age, such as the role of science, the environment, poverty and riches, gender issues and war and peace, the contributors consider the continuing importance and vitality of the Christian tradition and demonstrate how its nature and insights might enrich the next millennium.

The team of contributors comprises Ian Bradley, Philip F. Esler, Tim Gorringe, Michael Keeling, James P. Mackey, Steven G. Mackie, George M. Newlands, Ruth Page and Keith Whitelam.


1. Introduction: Christianity for the Twenty-First Century

Part One

2. Christianity: Critiques and Challenges

3. Christianity and Science

4. Christianity and Secular Humanism

5. Christianity and Marxism

Part Two

6. Christian Ethics in a Secular Context

7. Poverty and Riches in the Bible and the Third World

8. Women and Religion

9. Christianity, Ecology and the Environment

10. Christianity, War and Peace


11. After Christianity?


"... presents an excellent framework for opening up discussion of major contemporary topics."--Elizabeth Templeton

"Ruth Page's chapter stood out as a concise, stylish and balanced consideration of the Christian response to crisis. Each of the other essays held something useful, sensible, instructive. By way of prologue, Timothy Gorringe offers a personal reflection entitled 'After Christianity?'. This is sweeping, pungent, assertive and sometimes heart-rendingly simplistic in its condemnations: but it does zing. And it did leave me feeling that there might be a point in taking Christianity into the twenty-first century."--Peter Fisher, British Journal of Theological Education

"The central theme is an attractive one, strongly advocating the case that Christian thought and practice uniquely can contribute to and enrich dialogue with other areas of discourse in national life. The collection demonstrates admirably that Christianity, as the authors interpret it, has something important to say in conversation with science, secular humanism and Marxism. Highly recommended."--Science and Medical Network

"This is a very useful book. The papers read well, and if one wanted to say where the Christian religion was in relation to the challenges of the twentieth century, when asked by a critic, this would be a good start. The book will be excellent for schools, and in stimulating a wider debate, on where the churches now stand on these issues. It is honest, clear, and there are some real gems in it."--Peter Sedgwick, Crucible

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