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Reformation Readings of Romans (Kathy Ehrensperger) Paperback Book, (Bloomsbury T & T Clark, 2008) 9780567027146
Reformation Readings of Romans (Kathy Ehrensperger) Paperback Book, (Bloomsbury T & T Clark, 2008) 9780567027146
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Title: Reformation Readings of Romans

Author: Ehrensperger, Kathy

Additional Authors or Contributors: R Ward Holder (eds)

Publisher: Bloomsbury T & T Clark; Publication Date: 2008

Paperback; ISBN: 9780567027146

Volumes: 1; Pages: 232

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This volume of essays provides presentations and analyzes of several Reformation theologians' interpretations of Romans as a whole or in part, some focusing on one particular interpreter, such as Erasmus, Luther, Calvin, Bullinger, and Bucer; others compare and contrast two or more of the major interpreters whether in relation to a particular section of the letter. The commonalities and divergence in the readings are analyzed in relation to and as a reflection of the various social, political and personal circumstances of the Reformers."Romans through History and Cultures" includes a wealth of information regarding the receptions of Romans throughout the history of the church and today, in the 'first' and the 'two-thirds' world. It explores the past and present impact of Romans upon theology, and upon cultural, political, social, and ecclesial life, and gender relations.


Introduction, R. Ward Holder, St. Anselm College

1. Erasmus's Readings of Romans 3, 4, and 5 as Rhetoric and Theology, Laurel Carrington, St. Olaf College; Response; Cynthia Briggs Kittredge, Episcopal Theological Seminary of the Southwest

2. Letting the Word Run Free: Luther, Romans and the Call to Reform, Deanna A. Thompson, Hamline University; Response; Kurt A. Richardson, McMaster University

3. The Alienation of Humankind--Rereading Luther as Interpreter of Paul, Ekkehard W. Stegemann, University of Basel, Switzerland. Response; Stanley K. Stowers, Brown University

4. Luther, Melanchthon, and Calvin on Romans 5 & 13: Three Reformation Approaches to Reading Romans, G. Sujin Pak, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary; Response; David M. Whitford, United Theological Seminary

5. Bullinger as Interpreter of the Epistle to the Romans, Peter Opitz, Univerisity of Zurich, Switzerland; Response; William S. Campbell, University of Wales Lampeter

6. The Law and its Works in Martin Bucer's 1536 Romans Commentary, Edwin W. Tait, Huntington University; Response; Troy A. Martin, Saint Xavier University

7. Calvin's Hermeneutic and Tradition: An Augustinian Reception of Romans 7, R. Ward Holder, Saint Anselm College; Response; David Steinmetz, Duke University

8. Door and Passageway: Calvin's Use of Romans as Hermeneutical and Theological Guide, Gary N. Hansen, Dubuque University; Response; Kathy Ehrensperger, University of Wales Lampeter

9. Behind and Beyond Parker: The Key Moments and Voices in Reformation Romans Commentating, Mark W. Elliott, University of St. Andrews, Scotland; Response; William S. Campbell, University of Wales Lampeter Conclusion, Kathy Ehrensperger, University of Wales Lampeter.

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