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Cambridge History of Judaism, Volume 7. The Early Modern World, 1500�-1815 (Jonathan Karp) Hardcover Book, (Cambridge University Press, 2017) 9780521889049

Title: Cambridge History of Judaism, Volume 7. The Early Modern World, 1500�-1815

Author: Karp, Jonathan

Additional Authors or Contributors: Adam Sutcliffe (eds)

Publisher: Cambridge University Press; Publication Date: 2017

Hardcover; ISBN: 9780521889049

Volumes: 1; Pages: 1152

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This seventh volume of The Cambridge History of Judaism provides an authoritative and detailed overview of early modern Jewish history, from 1500 to 1815. The essays, written by an international team of scholars, situate the Jewish experience in relation to the multiple political, intellectual and cultural currents of the period. They also explore and problematize the 'modernization' of world Jewry over this period from a global perspective, covering Jews in the Islamic world and in the Americas, as well as in Europe, with many chapters straddling the conventional lines of division between Sephardic, Ashkenazic, and Mizrahi history. The most up-to-date, comprehensive, and authoritative work in this field currently available, this volume will serve as an essential reference tool and ideal point of entry for advanced students and scholars of early modern Jewish history.

Table of Contents

Introduction Jonathan Karp and Adam Sutcliffe

Part I. European and Mediterranean Jewry 1500-1650:

1. The Catholic Church and the Jews Kenneth Stow

2. Judaism and Protestantism R. Po-chia Hsia

3. The rise of Ottoman Jewry Joseph R. Hacker

4. The shifting legal and political status of early modern Jewries Andreas Gotzmann

5. Jews and the early modern economy Francesca Trivellato

6. The early modern Jewish community and its institutions Elisheva Carlebach

Part II. Themes and Trends in Early Modern Jewish Life:

7. Iberia and beyond: Judeoconversos and the Iberian inquisitions David Graizbord

8. The establishment of East European Jewry Israel Bartal

9. Linguistic transformations: Ladino (Judeo-Spanish) Matthias B. Lehmann

10. Continuity and change in early modern Yiddish language and literature Jean Baumgarten

11. Jewish book culture since the invention of printing (1469-c.1815) Emile G. L. Schrijver

12. The Christian study of Judaism in early modern Europe Theodore Dunkelgrun

13. Rabbinic culture and the development of Halakhah Jay R. Berkovitz

14. Discipline, dissent, and communal authority in the Western Sephardic Diaspora Yosef Kaplan

15. Education and Homiletics Marc Saperstein

16. Dimensions of Kabbalah from the Spanish expulsion to the dawn of Hasidism Lawrence Fine

17. Magic, mysticism, and popular belief in Jewish culture (1500-1815) J. H. Chajes

18. Sabbatai Sevi and the Sabbatean movement Matt Goldish

19. Science, medicine and Jewish philosophy Adam Shear

20. Port Jews revisited: commerce and culture in the age of European expansion Lois C. Dubin

21. Jews in the Polish-Lithuanian economy (1453-1795) Adam Teller

22. Jewish piety and devotion in early modern Eastern Europe Glenn Dynner

23. The rise of Hasidism Moshe Rosman

24. Enlightenment and Haskalah Edward Breuer

25. Women, water, and wine: the paradoxical piety of early modern Jewry Elliott Horowitz

26. Jews, Judaism, and the visual arts Marc Michael Epstein

27. Musical dilemmas of early modern Jews Edwin Seroussi

Part III. The Jewish World, 1650-1815:

28. Judaism in Germany (1650-1815) Deborah Hertz

29. The making of Habsburg Jewry in the long eighteenth century Michael K. Silber

30. The Jews of Poland-Lithuania (1650-1815) Fran�ois Guesnet

31. The Jews of the Ottoman Empire 1580-1839 Joseph R. Hacker

32. The Jews of Italy (1650-1815) Francesca Bregoli

33. Locals: the Jews in the early modern Dutch Republic Bart T. Wallet and Irene Zwiep

34. The Jews of France (c.1650-c.1815) Jay R. Berkovitz

35. The Jews of Great Britain (1650-1815) Todd M. Endelman

36. The Jews in the early modern Caribbean and the Atlantic world Wim Klooster

37. The Jews in early North America: agents of empire, champions of liberty Bill Pencak

38. The Jews of Africa and Asia (1500-1815) Tudor Parfitt

39. The Jews of Iran in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries Vera B. Moreen

40. Toleration, integration, regeneration, and reform: rethinking the roots and routes of 'Jewish emancipation' Adam Sutcliffe

41. Looking backward and forward: rethinking Jewish modernity in the light of early modernity David B. Ruderman


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