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Religion in Republican Italy (Celia B Schultz Paul B Harvey (eds)) Hardcover Book, (Cambridge University Press, 2007) 9780521863667
Religion in Republican Italy (Celia B Schultz Paul B Harvey (eds)) Hardcover Book, (Cambridge University Press, 2007) 9780521863667
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Title: Religion in Republican Italy

Author: Schultz, Celia B Paul B Harvey (eds)

Publisher: Cambridge University Press; Publication Date: 2007

Hardcover; ISBN: 9780521863667

Volumes: 1; Pages: 314

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Explores how recent findings and research provide a richer understanding of religious activities in Republican Rome and contemporary central Italic societies, including the Etruscans, during the period of the Middle and Late Republic. While much recent research has focused on the Romanization of areas outside Italy in later periods, this volume investigates religious aspects of the Romanization of the Italian peninsula itself. The essays strive to integrate literary evidence with archaeological and epigraphic material as they consider the nexus of religion and politics in early Italy; the impact of Roman institutions and practices on Italic society; the reciprocal impact of non-Roman practices and institutions on Roman custom; and the nature of 'Roman', as opposed to 'Latin', 'Italic', or 'Etruscan', religion in the period in question. The resulting volume illuminates many facets of religious praxis in Republican Italy, while at the same time complicating the categories we use to discuss it.ContentsIntroduction Celia E. Schultz and Paul B. Harvey, Jr1. Reconsidering 'religious Romanization' Fay Glinister2. In search of the Etruscan priestess: a reexamination of the hatrencu Lesley E. Lundeen3. Etruscan religion at the watershed: before and after the fourth century B.C.E. Jean MacIntosh Turfa4. Religious locales in the territory of Minturnae: some aspects of Romanization Valentina Livi5. Religion and memory at Pisaurum Paul B. Harvey, Jr6. Inventing the sortilegus: lot divination and cultural identity in Italy, Rome, and the provinces W. E. Klingshirn7. Hot, cold, or smelly: the power of sacred water in Roman religion Ingrid Edlund-Berry8. Religion and politics: did the Romans scruple about the placement of their temples? John Muccigrosso9. Juno Sospita and Roman insecurity in the Social War Celia E. Schultz10. Beyond Rome and Latium: Roman religion in the Age of Augustus A. E. CooleyAppendix: translation of the Ludi Saeculares dossier A. E. Cooley.
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