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Cambridge History of Russia Volume 3, The Twentieth Century (Ronald Grigor Suny (ed)) Hardcover Book, (Cambridge University Press, 2006) 9780521811446
Cambridge History of Russia Volume 3, The Twentieth Century (Ronald Grigor Suny (ed)) Hardcover Book, (Cambridge University Press, 2006) 9780521811446
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Title: The Cambridge History of Russia Volume 3, The Twentieth Century

Author: Suny, Ronald Grigor (ed)

Publisher: Cambridge University Press; Publication Date: 2006

Hardcover; ISBN: 9780521811446

Volumes: 1; Pages: 866

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The third volume of The Cambridge History of Russia provides an authoritative political, intellectual, social and cultural history of the trials and triumphs of Russia and the Soviet Union during the twentieth century. It encompasses not only the ethnically Russian part of the country but also the non-Russian peoples of the tsarist and Soviet multinational states and of the post-Soviet republics. Beginning with the revolutions of the early twentieth century, chapters move through the 1920s to the Stalinist 1930s, World War II, the post-Stalin years and the decline and collapse of the USSR. The contributors attempt to go beyond the divisions that marred the historiography of the USSR during the Cold War to look for new syntheses and understandings. The volume is also the first major undertaking by historians and political scientists to use the new primary and archival sources that have become available since the break-up of the USSR.Contents1. Reading Russia and the Soviet Union in the twentieth century Ronald Grigor Suny2. Russia's fin de sicle, 1900-1914 Mark D. Steinberg3. World War I, 1914-1918 Mark von Hagen4. The Revolutions of 1917-1918 S. A. Smith5. The Russian civil war, 1917-1922 Donald J. Raleigh6. Building a new state and society: NEP, 1921-1928 Alan Ball7. Stalinism, 1928-1940 David R. Shearer8. Patriotic war, 1941 to 1945 John Barber and Mark Harrison9. Stalin and his circle Oleg Khlevniuk and Yoram Gorlizki10. The Khrushchev period, 1953-1964 William Taubman11. The Brezhnev era Stephen E. Hanson12. The Gorbachev era Archie Brown13. The Russian Republic. Michael McFaul14. Economic and demographic change: Russia's age of economic extremes Peter Gatrell15. Transforming peasants in the twentieth century: dilemmas of Russian, Soviet and post-Soviet development Esther Kingston-Mann16. Workers and industrialization Lewis H. Siegelbaum17. Women and the Soviet state Barbara Engel18. Non-Russians in the Soviet Union and after Jeremy Smith19. The western republics: Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, and the Baltics Serhy Yekelchyk20. Science, technology, and the intelligentsia David Holloway21. Culture, 1900-1945 James von Geldern22. The politics of culture, 1945-2000 Josephine Woll23. Comitern and Soviet foreign policy, 1919-1941 Jonathan Haslam24. Moscow's foreign policy, 1945-2000: identities, institutions, and interests Ted Hopf25. The Soviet Union and the road to communism Lars T. LihContributorsRonald Grigor Suny, Mark D. Steinberg, Mark von Hagen, S. A. Smith, Donald J. Raleigh, Alan Ball, David R. Shearer, John Barber, Mark Harrison, Oleg Khlevniuk, Yoram Gorlizki, William Taubman, Stephen E. Hanson, Archie Brown, Michael McFaul, Peter Gatrell, Esther Kingston-Mann, Lewis H. Siegelbaum, Barbara Engel, Jeremy Smith, Serhy Yekelchyk, David Holloway, James von Geldern, Josephine Woll, Jonathan Haslam, Lars T. Lih, Ted Hopf
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