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Cambridge History of Judaism, Volume 8. The Modern World, 1815�-2000 (Mitchell B Hart) Hardcover Book, (Cambridge University Press, 2017) 9780521769532

Title: Cambridge History of Judaism, Volume 8. The Modern World, 1815�-2000

Author: Hart, Mitchell B

Additional Authors or Contributors: Tony Michels (eds)

Publisher: Cambridge University Press; Publication Date: 2017

Hardcover; ISBN: 9780521769532

Volumes: 1; Pages: 1160

List Price in Hardcover: $215.00 Our price: $195.99

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The eighth and final volume of The Cambridge History of Judaism covers the period from roughly 1815?2000. Exploring the breadth and depth of Jewish societies and their manifold engagements with aspects of the modern world, it offers overviews of modern Jewish history, as well as more focused essays on political, social, economic, intellectual and cultural developments. The first part presents a series of interlocking surveys that address the history of diverse areas of Jewish settlement. The second part is organized around the emancipation. Here, chapter themes are grouped around the challenges posed by and to this elemental feature of Jewish life in the modern period. The third part adopts a thematic approach organized around the category 'culture', with the goal of casting a wide net in terms of perspectives, concepts and topics. The final part then focuses on the twentieth century, offering readers a sense of the dynamic nature of Judaism and Jewish identities and affiliations.

Table of Contents

Introduction Mitchell B. Hart and Tony Michels

Part I. History and Geography:

1. Central and Western Europe Robin Judd

2. Russian and Soviet Jewry Olga Litvak

3. Poland Scott Ury

4. The Balkans and South-Eastern Europe Matthias B. Lehmann

5. Great Britain, the Commonwealth and Anglophone Jewry Adam Mendelsohn

6. The United States Hasia Diner

7. The Hispanic world/Latin America Jeffrey Lesser and Raanan Rein

8. Colonial and post-Colonial Jewries: the Middle East, Africa and Central/Southern Asia Yaron Tzur

9. Israel Derek Penslar

Part II. Emancipation: Challenges and Consequences:

10. Jews and the modern state Pierre Birnbaum

11. Assimilation and assimilationism Todd M. Endelman

12. Liberal Judaisms Claire E. Sufrin

13. The new Jewish politics David Engel

14. Jews and the Left Jack Jacobs

15. Jews and commerce Jonathan Karp

16. Jews and social class Eli Lederhendler

17. Education and the politics of Jewish integration Gary Cohen

18. Philanthropy, diplomacy and Jewish internationalism Jonathan Dekel-Chen

19. Jews and modern European imperialism Ethan B. Katz, Lisa Moses Leff and Maud S. Mandel

20. Antisemitism and the Jewish question Jonathan Judaken

21. Generation, degeneration, regeneration: health, disease and the Jewish body Todd Samuel Presner

22. Zionism and its critics Eran Kaplan

23. The Holocaust and its aftermath Samuel Kassow

Part III. Jewish Cultures, National and Transnational:

24. Jewish culture: what is it? Zohar Shavit and Yaakov Shavit

25. Sephardic and Mizrachi literature Nancy Berg

26. Anglophone literature Axel St�hler

27. Hebrew literature Shachar Pinsker

28. Yiddish Mikhail Krutikov

29. Jewish studies: history, memory, scholarship David N. Myers

30. Jews and material culture Leora Auslander

31. Jews and popular culture in the twentieth century: North America Andrea Most

32. Jews and popular culture in the twentieth century: Israel and the Middle East Amy Horowitz and Galeet Dardashti

Part IV. Jews in the Modern World:

33. The dynamics of modernity: shifts in demography and geography Tobias Brinkman

34. In search of authenticity: issues of identity and belonging in the twentieth century Jonathan Boyarin

35. Gender and the re-making of modern Jewry Naomi Seidman

36. Jews and science Ulrich Charpa

37. Kabbalah in the modern era Jody Myers

38. Orthodoxy and ultra-Orthodoxy as forces in modern Jewish life Jess Olsen

39. Jews and Christianity Susannah Heschel

40. Jews and Muslims Ivan Kalmar


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