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Justiceship England 1066-1232 (F West) Paperback Book, (Cambridge University Press, 2005) 9780521619646
Justiceship England 1066-1232 (F West) Paperback Book, (Cambridge University Press, 2005) 9780521619646
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Title: Justiceship England 1066-1232

Author: West, F

Publisher: Cambridge University Press; Publication Date: 2005

Paperback; ISBN: 9780521619646

Volumes: 1; Pages: 318

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At the height of his power and influence the justiciar was the king's chief political and judicial officer, superintending the administrative machinery and acting as regent in the king's absence abroad. He was also a feudal lord or bishop; and the study of the careers of the chief justiciars, as soldiers and politicians, judges and financiers, throws light on the workings of feudal society and on the technical administrative means by which royal power was effectively exercised. Dr West traces the history of the office from the first need for the delegation of royal power under William 1 until the Anglo-Norman dominion broke up and government became too complicated. As an administrative post it attained its greatest importance in the formative periods of administrative development under Henry 1 and later under Henry 11. Unlike the offices of sheriff and chancellor the justiciarship has never been systematically examined. Dr West's book is a pioneer account of the most important office under the king and an examination of a central theme of English constitutional and administrative history.ContentsList of abbreviationsIntroductionPart 1. The Origins of the Justiciarship1. The reign of William I2. The reign of William II3. The reign of Henry I4. The reign of Stephen5. Foreign influencesPart II. The Justiciarship under Henry II6. Royal regents and ministers7. Robert earl of Leicester8. Richard de Luci9. The development of the justiciarship10. Definition of the justiciarship11. Ranulf de GlanvillePart III. The Justiciarship under Richard I12. Richard's early arrangements for government13. William de Longchamps14. Walter of Coutances15. Hubert WalterPart IV. The Justiciarship under John: Before the Loss of Normandy16. Geoffrey fitz Peter17. The justiciar and the exchequer18. The justiciar and the law courts19. The justiciar as chief executivePart V. The Justiciarship under John: After the Loss of Normandy20. The justiciar as regent21. The justiciar and the court coram rege22. The justiciar and the bench23. The justiciar and the exchequerPart VI. The Justiciarship in John's Last Years24. Peter des Roches25. The justiciar as regent26. The justiciar and the law courts27. The justiciar and the exchequer28. The justiciar as chief executivePart VII. The Justiciarship under Henry III29. Hubert de Burgh30. The justiciar and the council31. The justiciar and Peter des Roches32. The justiciar and the chancery33. The justiciar and the law courts34. The justiciar and the exchequer35. Stephen of SeagraveBibliographyIndex
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