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New Cambridge History of Islam, 6 Volume Set (Francis Robinson (ed)) Hardcover Book, (Cambridge University Press, 2010) 9780521515368
New Cambridge History of Islam, 6 Volume Set (Francis Robinson (ed)) Hardcover Book, (Cambridge University Press, 2010) 9780521515368
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Title: The New Cambridge History of Islam, 6 Volume Set

Author: Robinson, Francis (ed)

Publisher: Cambridge University Press; Publication Date: 2010

Hardcover; ISBN: 9780521515368

Volumes: 6; Pages: 4328

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The New Cambridge History of Islam is a comprehensive history of Islamic civilization, tracing its development from its beginnings in seventh-century Arabia to its wide and varied presence in the globalised world of today. The six volumes reflect the geographical distribution and the cultural, social and religious diversity of the peoples of the Muslim world. Four volumes cover historical developments and two are devoted to themes that cut across geographical and chronological divisions, ranging from social, political and economic relations to the arts, literature and learning. Each volume's introduction sets the scene for the ensuing chapters and examines relationships with adjacent civilizations. Written by a team combining established authorities and rising scholars in the field, this will be the standard reference for students, scholars and all those with enquiring minds for years to come.ContentsVOLUME 1: Part I. The Late Antique Context; Part II. Universalism and Imperialism; Part III. Regionalism; Part IV. The Historiography of Early Islamic History VOLUME 2: Part I. Al-Andalus, North and West Africa (eleventh to fifteenth centuries); Part II. Egypt and Syria (eleventh century until the Ottoman conquest); Part III. Muslim Anatolia and the Ottoman Empire; Part IV. North and West Africa (sixteenth to eighteenth centuries); Part V. Rulers, Soldiers, Peasants, Scholars and Traders VOLUME 3: Part I. The Impact of the Steppe Peoples; Part II. The Gunpowder Empires; Part III. The Maritime Oecumene; Part IV. Themes VOLUME 4: Part I. Religion and Law; Part II. Societies, Politics and Economics; Part III. Arts, Literature and Learning VOLUME 5: Part I. The Onset of Western Domination c. 1800 to c. 1919; Part II. Independence and Revival c. 1919 to the Present VOLUME 6: Part I. Social Transformations; Part II. Religion and Law; Part III. Political and Economic Thought; Part IV. Cultures, Arts and Learning.
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