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Ancient Mind: Elements of Cognitive Archaeology (Colin Renfrew Ezra B W Zubrow) Paperback Book, (Cambridge University Press, 1994) 9780521456203
Ancient Mind: Elements of Cognitive Archaeology (Colin Renfrew Ezra B W Zubrow) Paperback Book, (Cambridge University Press, 1994) 9780521456203
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Title: The Ancient Mind: Elements of Cognitive Archaeology

Author: Renfrew, Colin Ezra B W Zubrow

Publisher: Cambridge University Press; Publication Date: 1994

Paperback; ISBN: 9780521456203

Volumes: 1; Pages: 209

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One of the most troubling problems in archaeology is to determine the manner and content of prehistoric thought. A fundamental challenge is to develop the theory, methodology and tools to understand human cognition. Cognitive archaeology as a subject is still in its infancy, and archaeologists are adopting a variety of approaches--literary, linguistic, and scientific. The contributors to The Ancient Mind develop a new direction in prehistoric cognitive research that is rooted in the scientific tradition and in an empirical methodology. Together, they begin to develop a science of cognitive archaeology.Reviews"... an important reference work for any library that attempts to stay abreast of current developments in archaeology." Dennis E. Smith, Religious Studies ReviewContributorsColin Renfrew, Ezra B. W. Zubrow, James A. Bell, Erwin M. Segal, Steven Mithen, Alain Scnapp, Joyce Marcus, Kent V. Flannery, Chris Scarre, James N. Hill, Richard Bradley, Charles O. Frake, S. E. van der Leeuw, Nathan Sclanger, C. Karlin, M. Julien, John S. Justeson, Laurence D. Stephens, J. N. PostgateContentsForewordPart I. Introduction 1. Towards a cognitive archaeologyPart II. The Interdisciplinary Underpinning 2. Interpretations and testability in theories about prehistoric thinking3. Archaeology and cognitive science4. From mental modularity to generalized intelligence: a cognitive interpretation of the Middle/Upper Paleolithic transition5. Are images animated? The psychology of images in Ancient GreecePart III. Approaches to Cult Practice and Transcendental Belief Systems 6. The archaeology of religion7. Ancient Zapotec ritual and religion: an application of the direct historical approach8. The meaning of death9. Prehistoric cognition and the science of archaeologyPart IV. Prehistoric Conceptions of Space and Time10. Symbols and signposts: understanding the prehistoric petroglyphs of the British Isles11. Knowledge representation and archaeology: a cognitive example using GIS12 Dials: a study in the physical representation of cognitive systemsPart V. The Material Basis of Cognitive Inference: Technology 13. Cognitive aspects of 'technique'14. Mindful technology: unleashing the Chane Opratoire for an archaeology of mind15. Prehistoric technology: a cognitive science?Part VI. The Material Basis of Cognitive Inference: Writing Systems16. Variation and change in symbol systems: case studies in Elamite Cuneiform17. Figure and text in Mesopotamia: match and mismatchPart VII. Conclusion18. Cognitive archaeology reconsidered.
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