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New Cambridge Medieval History, Volume 7: c 1415-c 1500 (Christopher Allmand) Hardcover Book, (Cambridge University Press, 1998) 9780521382960
New Cambridge Medieval History, Volume 7: c 1415-c 1500 (Christopher Allmand) Hardcover Book, (Cambridge University Press, 1998) 9780521382960
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Title: New Cambridge Medieval History, Volume 7: c 1415-c 1500

Author: Allmand, Christopher

Additional Authors or Contributors: (ed)

Publisher: Cambridge University Press; Publication Date: 1998

Hardcover; ISBN: 9780521382960

Volumes: 1; Pages: 1072

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This seventh volume of The New Cambridge Medieval History covers the last century (interpreted broadly) of the traditional Western Middle Ages. It takes account of much new research and modern, interdisciplinary approaches to the study and writing of history to present a broad view of late medieval society across Europe. It deals with ideas about government, social and economic change and development, the world of the spirit, as well as the history of individual countries, in many of which the powers of central government were greatly extended.


"... this is an important work for general readers and undergraduates." David S. Sefton, History


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List of abbreviations

Part I. Government

1. Politics: theory and practice Jean-Philippe Genet

2. Representation (since the thirteenth century) Wim Blockmans

3. Popes and councils Antony Black

Part II. Economic and Social Developments

4. The European nobility Philippe Contamine

5. Rural Europe Christopher Dyer

6. Urban Europe Barrie Dobson

7. Commerce and trade Wendy Childs

8. War Christopher Allmand

9. Exploration and discovery Felipe Fern ndez-Armesto

Part III. Spiritual, Cultural and Artistic Life

10. Religious belief and practice Francis Rapp

11. Schools and universities Jacques Verger

12. Humanism Robert Black

13. Manuscripts and books Malcolm Vale

14. The beginning of printing David McKitterick

15. Architecture and painting Paul Crossley

16. Music Gareth Curtis

Part IV. The Development of European States

17. Germany and the Empire Tom Scott

18. Hus, the Hussites and Bohemia John Klassen

19. France

(a) France at the end of the Hundred Years War (c. 1420-1461) Malcolm Vale

(b) The recovery of France, 1450-1520 Bernard Chevalier

20. Burgundy Bertrand Schnerb

21. England (a) Lancastrian England Edward Powell (b) Yorkist and early Tudor England Rosemary Horrox

22. The Celtic world (a) Ireland Art Cosgrove (b) Scotland: 1406-1513 Jenny Wormald

23. Italy

(a) the northern Italian states Michael Mallett

(b) The papal states and the kingdom of Naples Alan Ryder

24. The Iberian peninsula

(a) Aragon Mario Del Treppo

(b) Castile and Navarre Angus MacKay

(c) Portugal, Armindo de Sousa

25. The Swiss Confederation Roger Sablonier

26. The states of Scandinavia c. 1390-c. 1536 Thomas Riis

27. Hungary: crown and estates Janos Bak

28. The kingdom of Poland and the grand duchy of Lithuania, 1370-1506 Aleksander Gieysztor

29. Russia Nancy Shields Kollmann

30. Byzantium: the Roman Orthodox world, 1393-1492 Anthony Bryer

31. The Latin east Anthony Luttrell

32. The Ottoman world Elizabeth Zachariadou

Conclusion Christopher Allmand

Appendix: genealogical tables

Primary sources and secondary works arranged by chapter

General index

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