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Cambridge Ancient History, Volume 11: The High Empire, AD 70-192 (Alan K Bowman) Hardcover Book, (Cambridge University Press, 2000) 9780521263351
Cambridge Ancient History, Volume 11: The High Empire, AD 70-192 (Alan K Bowman) Hardcover Book, (Cambridge University Press, 2000) 9780521263351
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Title: Cambridge Ancient History, Volume 11: The High Empire, AD 70-192

Author: Bowman, Alan K

Additional Authors or Contributors: Peter Garnsey, Dominic Rathbone (eds)

Publisher: Cambridge University Press; Publication Date: 2000

Hardcover; ISBN: 9780521263351

Volumes: 1; Pages: 1246

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Volume 11 of the second edition of The Cambridge Ancient History covers the history of the Roman empire from A.D. 70 to 192--Vespasian to the Antonines. The volume begins with the political and military history of the period. Developments in the structure of the empire are then examined, including the organization and personnel of the central government and province-based institutions and practices. A series of provincial studies follows, and the society, economy and culture of the empire as a whole are reviewed in a group of thematic chapters.


"... this is a reliable work which both scholars and students can use with confidence. The individual contributors must be commended for submitting such excellent material. But it is the editors... who deserve the warmest commendation for the sureness of their judgement in soliciting contributions of high calibre and for editing the work of many different historians to produce a volume which is ... both accurate on matters of fact and secure in its historical assessments and which... displays greater originality than most collective works of this nature."--International History Review

"This series is a basic 'must' for all public and private libraries, in the community or in universities. It will be the standard general work for serious academic students and scholars for the next generation."--Religious Studies Review


Part I. Narrative: 1. The Flavians Miriam Griffin

2. Nerva to Hadrian Miriam Griffin

3. Hadrian to the Antonines A. R. Birley

Part II. Government and Civil Administration: 4. The Emperor and his advisers Werner Eck

5. Emperor, Senate and magistrates Werner Eck

6. The growth of administrative posts Werner Eck

7. Provincial administration and finance Werner Eck

Part III. The Empire: 8. Frontiers C. R. Whittaker

9. The army Mark Hassall

10. Local and provincial institutions and government Hartmut Galsterer

11. Rebels and outsiders Brent D. Shaw

Part IV. Rome, Italy and the Provinces: 12. Rome and Italy Nicholas Purcell

13. Spain G za Alf ldy

14. Gaul C. Goudineau

15. Roman Germany C. R ger

16. Africa C. R. Whittaker

17. Cyrenaica Joyce Reynolds

18. Britain Michael Fulford

19. The Danube provinces J. J. Wilkes

20. Greece and Asia Minor Barbara Levick

21. Syria and Arabia Maurice Sartre

22. Judaea Martin Goodman

Part Va. Economy and Society: 23. The land Peter Garnsey

24. Trade and transport W. V. Harris

25. Industry and technology Kevin Greene

26. Commerce and finance J. Andreau

27. Demography Bruce W. Frier

28. Status and patronage Richard Saller

29. Family and household Richard Saller

Part Vb. Art and Culture: 30. Literacy Greg Woolf

31. Literature and sophistic Ewen Bowie

32. Philosophy J. M. Dillon

33. Medicine Vivian Nutton

34. Art and architecture Malcolm A. R. Colledge

35. Religion J. H. W. G. Liebeschuetz.

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