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Cambridge History of Judaism, Volume 3: The Early Roman Period (William Horbury W D Davies, John Sturdy (eds)) Hardcover Book, (Cambridge University Press, 2000) 9780521243773
Cambridge History of Judaism, Volume 3: The Early Roman Period (William Horbury W D Davies, John Sturdy (eds)) Hardcover Book, (Cambridge University Press, 2000) 9780521243773
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Title: The Cambridge History of Judaism, Volume 3: The Early Roman Period

Author: Horbury, William W D Davies, John Sturdy (eds)

Publisher: Cambridge University Press; Publication Date: 2000

Hardcover; ISBN: 9780521243773

Volumes: 1; Pages: 1300

This volume covers the history of Judaism in the Roman period. Political history is treated from Pompey to Vespasian, but many chapters on Jewish life and thought go beyond the period of the Flavian emperors to present themes and evidence of importance for Judaism up to the 3rd century C.E.. The approach has concentrated on the study of institutions and schools of thought through consideration of archaeological finds and inscriptions. Jewish-Gentile relations, temple and synagogue, groups and schools of thought--Pharisees, Sadducees, Essenes, Baptist sects, the 'fourth philosophy' and similar groups, Samaritans and the Christian movement--are examined. An unusual feature of the volume is its historical treatment of Christianity within the context of ancient Judaism. The Qumran texts, Philo and Josephus receive attention as does Jewish society in Judaea and Galilee.


"... this volume provides a rich ... synthesis of many important issues relating to Jewish history in antiquity. It also has the potential of serving classicists and ancient historians in need of comparative material."--Hagith Sivan, Department of History, University of Kansas

"This important reference work offers authoritative summaries on a variety of themes that will be found highly useful both by educators and college students. Its extensive bibliography arranged by chapters and topics also provides a substantial guide for further scholarly inquiry. For every college and university's reference collection."--Religious Studies Review

"There is a vast amount of information in this book. ... Horbury has performed a remarkable feat in updating and balancing the volume."--The Journal of Religion

"... a useful reference volume ... teachers at the university level will find in individual chapters particularly good assigned reading."--SHoFar

"This highly informative volume, together with its antecedents and presumably with one volume yet to come, is an essential reference work for colleges and seminary libraries and for specialists in early Judaism and Christianity."--Southwestern Journal of Theology


1. The archaeology of Palestine 63 B.C.E-C.E. 70 Magen Broshi2. The Herodian temple Dan Bahat3. Archaeology in Palestine in recent decades: achievements and goals Eric M. Meyers4. The contribution of inscriptions of the study of Judaism Margaret Williams5. The social, economic and political history of Palestine from 63 B.C.E-C.E. 70 Emilio Gabba6. The Diaspora in the Roman period before 70 C.E. E. Mary Smallwood7. The Gentiles in Judaism 125 B.C.E-C.E. 66 Morton Smith8. Gentiles as seen by Jews after C.E. 70 Raphael Loewe9. The synagogue Hanswulf Bloedhorn and F. G. Huttenmeister10. The temple and the synagogue Shaye J. D. Cohen11. The early liturgy of the synagogue Stefan C. Reif12. Women in the synagogue William Horbury13. The Pharisees Joachim L. W. Schaper14. The Sadducees Gunter Stemberger15. The Essenes Otto Betz16. The Baptist sects Kurt Rudolph17. The troublemakers Morton Smith18. The Samaritans and their sects Stanley Isser19. Galilean Judaism and Judean Judaism Martin Goodman20. Jesus from the Jewish point of view W. D. Davies and E. P. Sanders21. Paul from the Jewish point of view W. D. Davies22. Jewish Christianity J. Carleton-Paget23. Apocalyptic: the disclosure of heavenly knowledge Christopher C. Rowland24. The Qumran sectarian writings Jonathan Campbell25. The Dead Sea scrolls and pre-Tannaitic Judaism Norman Golb26. Prayer in the Qumran texts Daniel K. Falk27. Philo of Alexandria C. Mondsert28. Josephus (C.E. 37 -c. 100) L. H. Feldman29. The Rabbi in second century Jewish society Shaye J. D. Cohen30. The Roman diaspora 70 C.E.-235 the archaeological evidence L. I. Levine31. The legacy of Egypt in Judaism J. Gwyn Griffiths32. Jewish elements in gnosticism and magic c. 70 C.E. -c. 270 C.E. Philip S. Alexander.
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