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Cambridge History of China Volume 6, Alien Regimes and Border States, 710-1368 (Denis C Twitchett Herbert Franke (eds)) Hardcover Book, (Cambridge University Press, 1994) 9780521243315
Cambridge History of China Volume 6, Alien Regimes and Border States, 710-1368 (Denis C Twitchett Herbert Franke (eds)) Hardcover Book, (Cambridge University Press, 1994) 9780521243315
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Title: The Cambridge History of China Volume 6, Alien Regimes and Border States, 710-1368

Author: Twitchett, Denis C Herbert Franke (eds)

Publisher: Cambridge University Press; Publication Date: 1994

Hardcover; ISBN: 9780521243315

Volumes: 1; Pages: 816

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This volume deals with four non-Chinese regimes: the Khitan dynasty of Liao; the Tangut state of Hsi Hsia; the Jurchen empire of Chin; and the Mongolian Yuan dynasty that eventually engulfed the whole of China. It investigates the historical background from which these regimes emerged and shows how each in its own way set up viable institutions for the control of a multi-racial, multi-lingual, and multi-cultural population. It discusses these problems not just as a long negative episode in China's history, but shows the ingenuity and adaptability of these states, and their success in achieving political and social stability. The volume presents the fullest chronological account of the period, in which political, institutional, social, and economic changes are integrated as far as possible, and sees the period against a broad background of international relations in Northern and Central Asia.ContentsGeneral editor's prefaceList of maps; Preface to Volume 6AcknowledgementsList of abbreviationsA-pao-chi's descent and the structure of the Yeh-l clanOutline genealogy of LiaoLiao emperors and their regnal titlesGenealogy of the Hsia ruling houseHsia gegnal titlesGenealogy of the early Jurchen rulersGenealogy of the Chin emperorsChin regnal titlesChart of Mongolian rulersRegnal titles of Mongolian rulersCapital citiesIntroduction1. The Liao2. The Hsi Hsia3. The Chin4. The rise of the Mongolian Empire5. The reign of Khubilai6. Mid-Yan politics7. Shun-ti and the end of Yan rule in China8. The Yan government and society9. Chinese society under Mongol rule, 1215-1368Bibliographic notesBibliographyGlossaryIndexReviews"... the studies presented in this volume have ... raised questions which need to be further explored ... the level of scholarship expressed in this volume is very high. It is to the credit of the editors and each contributor that we can now say that the stage is set for a new understanding of this period in Chinese history."--Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies"This volume presents a more authoritative, more comprehensive, and far clearer picture of these regimes that occupied first nothern and western China, an eventually the entire country, than has previously been available. ... It is difficult to do full justice in reviewing a volume of such magnitude. ... This volume is indeed a rich banquet, but it is also one that needs to be digested slowly in order to sample fully its varied flavors. Its publication is an event worthy of celebration."--The Historian"... a tremendous contribution ... this volume is an outstanding encyclopedic study of a unique part of Chinese history, and it should prove useful as a resource not only to researchers and graduate students, but also to those who teach undergraduates ... unquestionably an important accomplishment. It will lead readers to a better understanding of the role of the non-Han peoples in Chinese history and encourage all to meditate upon the revolutionary question: what is, in fact, Chinese history?"--China Review International"... an important synthesis of aspects and periods of the history of China which have, until relatively recently, been somewhat neglected by scholars. ... Both editors and contributors deserve our congratulations and gratitude."--D. O. Morgan, Reviews of Books"... an indispensable reference work."--The International History Review"... a sound survey as well as an indispensable starting point for serious students or researchers."--ChoiceContributorsHerbert Franke, Denis Twitchett, Ruth Dunnell, Thomas Allsen, Morris Rossabi, Hsiao Ch'i-ch'ing, John Dardess, Elizabeth Endicott-West, Frederick W. Mote
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