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'Abbasid Belles Lettres (Julia Ashtiany) Hardcover Book, (Cambridge University Press, 1990) 9780521240161
'Abbasid Belles Lettres (Julia Ashtiany) Hardcover Book, (Cambridge University Press, 1990) 9780521240161
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Title: 'Abbasid Belles Lettres

Author: Ashtiany, Julia

Additional Authors or Contributors: T M Johnstone, J D Latham, R B Serjeant (eds)

Publisher: Cambridge University Press; Publication Date: 1990

Hardcover; ISBN: 9780521240161

Volumes: 1; Pages: 533

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'Abbasid literature was characterized by the emergence of many new genres and of a scholarly and sophisticated critical consciousness. This volume of The Cambridge History of Arabic Literature covers the prose and poetry produced in the heartland and provinces of the 'Abbasid Empire from the mid-eighth to the thirteenth centuries A. D. Chronologically organized, the book explores the main genres and provides extended studies of major poets, prose writers and literary theorists. To make the material accessible to nonspecialist readers, 'Abbasid authors are quoted in English translation wherever possible, and clear explanations of their literary techniques and conventions are provided. The volume concludes with the first comprehensive survey of the relatively unknown literature of the Yemen to appear in a European language since the manuscript discoveries of recent years.


Editorial preface

Map: the Middle East

The 'Abbasid caliphate: a historical introduction H. N. Kennedy

1. Adab and the concept of belles-lettres S. A. Bonebakker

2. Shu'ubiyyah in Arabic literature H. T. Norris

3. Ibn Al-Muqaffa' and early 'Abbasid prose J. D. Latham

4. Al-Jahiz C. Pellat

5. Al-Sahib Ibn 'Abbad C. Pellat

6. Abu Hayyah al-Tawhidi M. Berge

7. Al-Hamadhani, al-Hariri and the maqamat genre A. F. L. Beeston

8. Fables and legends H. T. Norris

9. 'Abbasid poetry and its antecedents M. M. Badawi

10. Hunting poetry (tardiyyat) R. Smith

11. Political poetry R. Rabinacci

12. Love poetry (ghazal) A. Hamori

13. Wine poetry (khamriyyat) F. Harb

14. Mystical poetry M. Lings

15. Ascetic poetry (zuhdiyyat) A. Hamori

16. Bashshar b. Burd, Abu l-Atahiyah and Abu Nuwas G. Schoeler

17. Al-Mutanabbi A. Hamori

18. Abu Firas al-Hamdani A. El Tayib

19. Abu l- Ala al-Ma'arri 'A'Isha 'Abd Al-Raham

20. Literary criticism K. Abu Deeb

21. Ibn al-Mu'tazz and Kitab al-Badi' S. A. Bonebakker

22. Regional literature: Egypt S. M. Ayyad

23. Regional literature: the Yemen A. El-Shami; Bibliographies



"It is a most welcome addition to the extremely meager selection of books on the subject available in English..." Dimitri Gutas, JAAS


H. N. Kennedy, S. A. Bonebakker, H. T. Norris, J. D. Latham, C. Pellat, M. Berge, A. F. L. Beeston, H. T. Norris, M. M. Badawi, R. Smith, R. Rabinacci, A. Hamori, F. Harb, M. Lings, G. Schoeler, A. Hamori, A. El Tayib, 'A'Isha 'Abd Al-Raham, K. Abu Deeb, S. M. A. El-Shami

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