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Arabic Literature to the End of the Umayyad Period (A F L Beeston) Hardcover Book, (Cambridge University Press, 1984) 9780521240154
Arabic Literature to the End of the Umayyad Period (A F L Beeston) Hardcover Book, (Cambridge University Press, 1984) 9780521240154
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Title: Arabic Literature to the End of the Umayyad Period

Author: Beeston, A F L

Additional Authors or Contributors: T M Johnstone, R B Serjeant, G R Smith (eds)

Publisher: Cambridge University Press; Publication Date: 1984

Hardcover; ISBN: 9780521240154

Volumes: 1; Pages: 576

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Contributors to this volume, which ranges from the sixth century A.D. to the fall of the Umayyad dynasty two centuries later, discuss the nature of the Arabic language and the Arabic book; pre-Islamic literature; the Qur'an itself; the body of Hadith literature that records the traditions of the Prophet.


Editorial introduction


1. Background topics A. F. L. Beeston

2. Pre-Islamic poetry Abdulla el Tayib

3. Early Arabic prose R. B. Serjeant

4. The beginnings of Arabic prose literature: the epistolary genre J. D. Latham

5. The role of parallelism in Arabic prose A. F. L. Beeston

6. The Qur'an--I R. Paret

7. The Qur'an--II A. Jones

8. Qisas elements in the Qur'an H. T. Norris

9. Aspects of the Qur'an today Jacques Jomier

10. Hadith literature--I: the development of the science of Hadith Muhammad Abdul Rauf

11. Hadith literature--II: collection and transmission of Hadith Nabia Abbott

12. Shi'i Hadith E. Kohlberg

13. Narrative elements in the Hadith literature Sahair el Calamawy

14. European criticism of Hadith literature N. J. Coulson

15. The impact of the Qur'an and Hadith on medieval Arabic literature A. M. Zubaidi

16. The Maghazi literature J. M. B. Jones

17. The Sirah literature M. J. Kister

18. The poetry of the Sirah literature James T. Monroe

19. Fables and legends in pre-Islamic and early Islamic times H. T. Norris

20. Umayyad poetry Salma K. Jayyusi

21. Music and verse O. Wright

22. The Greek impact on Arabic literature L. E. Goodman

23. The Persian impact on Arabic literature C.E. Bosworth

24. The Syrian impact on Arabic literature R. Y. Ebied; Appendix J. D. Pearson


List of sources



A. F. L. Beeston, Abdulla el Tayib, R. B. Serjeant, J. D. Latham, R. Paret, A. Jones, H. T. Norris, Jacques Jomier, Muhammad Abdul Rauf, Nabia Abbott, E. Kohlberg, Sahair el Calamawy, N. J. Coulson, A. M. Zubaidi, J. M. B. Jones, M. J. Kister, James T. Monroe, H. T. Norris, Salma K. Jayyusi, O. Wright, L. E. Goodman, C.E. Bosworth, R. Y. Ebied, J. D. Pearson

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