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Cambridge Ancient History, Volume 6: The Fourth Century BC (David M Lewis) Hardcover Book, (Cambridge University Press, 1994) 9780521233484
Cambridge Ancient History, Volume 6: The Fourth Century BC (David M Lewis) Hardcover Book, (Cambridge University Press, 1994) 9780521233484
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Title: Cambridge Ancient History, Volume 6: The Fourth Century BC

Author: Lewis, David M

Additional Authors or Contributors: John Boardman, Simon Hornblower, M Ostwald (eds)

Publisher: Cambridge University Press; Publication Date: 1994

Hardcover; ISBN: 9780521233484

Volumes: 1; Pages: 1097

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Volume VI of the new edition of The Cambridge Ancient History covers years that include the rise of Macedon and the campaigns of Alexander the Great. The volume treats the politics and economy not only of old Greece but also of the Near East and the western Mediterranean. It has sections on the continued development of classical art and the formation of the philosophical schools in Athens. This second edition, completely replanned and rewritten, is a full and reliable guide to the advances in scholarship of the past sixty-five years.


"... it is a rich refernece work. ... This is a wonderful volume..." Classical World


1. Sources and their uses Simon Hornblower

2. Sparta as victor D. M. Lewis

3. Persia Simon Hornblower

4. The Corinthian war Robin Seager

5. Sicily, 413-368 B.C. D. M. Lewis

6. The King's Peace and the Second Athenian Confederacy Robin Seager

7. Thebes in the 360s B.C. J. Roy

8a. Asia Minor Simon Hornblower

8b. Mesopotamia, 482-330 B.C. Matthew W. Stolper

8c. Judah Hayim Tadmor

8d. Cyprus and Phoenicia F. G. Maier

8e. Egypt, 404-337 B.C. Alan B. Lloyd

9a. Carthage from the battle at Himera to Agathocles' invasion, 480-308 B.C. G. Ch. Picard

9b. South Italy in the fourth century B.C. Nicholas Purcell

9c. Celtic Europe D. W. Harding

9d. Illyrians and North-west Greeks N. G. L. Hammond

9e. Thracians and Scythians Zofia H. Archibald

9f. The Bosporan kingdom John Hind

9g. Communications L. Casson

10. Society and economy M. M. Austin

11. The polis and the alternatives P. J. Rhodes

12a. The growth of schools and the advance of knowledge M. Ostwald and John P. Lynch

12b. Medicine G. E. R. Lloyd

12c. Greek art: Classical to Hellenistic J. J. Pollitt

12d. Greek agriculture in the Classical period Alison Burford

12e. Warfare Y. Garlan

13. Dion and Timoleon H. D. Westlake

14. Macedon and North-west Greece J. R. Ellis

15. Macedonian hegemony created J. R. Ellis

16. Alexander the Great: part 1 the events of the reign A. B. Bosworth

17. Alexander the Great: part 2 Greece and the conquered territories A. B. Bosworth

Epilogue Simon Hornblower

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