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Encyclopedia of Religion and War (Gabriel Palmer-Fernandez) Hardcover Book, (Routledge, 2003) 9780415942461

Title: Encyclopedia of Religion and War

Author: Palmer-Fernandez, Gabriel

Additional Authors or Contributors: (ed)

Publisher: Routledge/Taylor & Francis; Publication Date: 2003

Hardcover; ISBN: 9780415942461

Volumes: 1; Pages: 512

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From the Byzantine-Muslim War of 645 to today's conflicts in the Middle East, religion has played a powerful and critical role in many wars throughout history. The newest volume in Routledge's acclaimed Religion and Society series, the Encyclopedia of Religion and War explores the complex relationship between religion and war including religion as a source of conflict and the role war holds in the development and spread of religion. In light of the on-going conflicts in the world today, this volume is both timely and valuable for all students, scholars, and general readers interested in history, sociology, current events, and politics, as well as religion. This exceptional A-Z reference delves into a variety of historical and global issues, including warrior cults, genocides, Northern Ireland, Holy War, assassins, religious feminism and war, Taliban, pacificism, the Holy Roman Empire, and much more.

With its unique cross-cultural and international scope, the Encyclopedia of Religion and War is an essential resource for all reference collections. An international group of scholars and experts have written impartial, objective, and accessible entries that cover five major topics:

* The role of war in the development and spread of major religions, such as Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, and various sects

* Religious Wars in Europe (1559-1715) including the French religious wars, the Schmalkaldic War, and the Thirty Years' War

* Theology and war including concepts such as holy war, jihad, liberation theology, millennialism, the medieval Catholic doctrine of tyrannicide, pacifism, and events such as the US Revolutionary War or Confucianist and Neo-Confucianist writings

* The role of religion in major wars and conflicts, including specific events such as the Crusades, Byzantine-Muslim War of 645, and religious wars in Ethiopia, 1529-1543

* Religious-based conflicts and wars in the contemporary world including Egypt, India, Indonesia, Kashmir, Latin America, Israel, North Africa, Northern Ireland, Sri Lanka, and Tibet

Over 130 entries are further enhanced by a variety of helpful reference tools, including chronologies, photos and illustrations, bibliographies, an index, cross-references, and sidebars featuring primary source materials, either excepted or in full.

Along with its companion volume, the Encyclopedia of Religious Freedom, the Encyclopedia of Religion and War makes a unique resource considering the role of religion as a force of change in society- ranging from bitter aggression to inspiring emancipation.

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