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Encyclopedia of Religious Freedom (Catherine Cookson) Hardcover Book, (Routledge, 2003) 9780415941815

Title: Encyclopedia of Religious Freedom

Author: Cookson, Catherine

Additional Authors or Contributors: (ed)

Publisher: Routledge/Taylor & Francis; Publication Date: 2003

Hardcover; ISBN: 9780415941815

Volumes: 1; Pages: 576

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Combining readable, unbiased text with the best of current scholarship on this important subject, the Encyclopedia of Religious Freedom will become a standard resource in all reference collections. Global and multidisciplinary in scope, with widespread historical coverage, it revolves around the following themes:

* Basic concepts and philosophical issues, such as Human Rights and Conscientious Objection

* Issues of religious freedom throughout US history, such as School Prayer and Creationism

* Surveys of church-state relations in Africa, Eastern Europe, Japan, Pakistan, and other areas around the world, discussing policies, laws, treatment of minority groups, and important individuals

* Significant documents and their impact on religious freedom, with entries on Locke's Letter on Toleration, the International Covenant on Civil Rights, Vatican II, and more

* Specific issues, past and present, such as Religious Test Oaths and Drugs in Religious Worship

* Historical instances of tolerance and intolerance from the ancient world to the present day, including the Cathars, Witch Hunts, and the French Revolution

* Major world religions such as Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism, and their stances on religious freedom

The 140 signed entries are written by an international team of specialists in the fields of religion, law, philosophy, human rights, government, sociology, and history. The content is enhanced by a variety of helpful reference tools, including photos and illustrations, internal cross-references, bibliographies, an index, and frequent sidebars featuring primary source materials, either excerpted or in full, pointing out fruitful ground for further study.

Entries include:

*14th Amendment

* Augustine on Religious Coercion

* Baptist Dissenters

* Byzantine Empire

* Christian Science

* Connecticut, Colonial to Early Republic

* Conscientious Objection, Pacificism

* Creationism

* Drugs in Religious Worship

* English Revolution

* Establishment, Separation of Church and State

* Evangelization

* Free Exercise

* Falun Gong

* Fundamentalist Politics and Religious Freedom Government * Funding of Religious Organizations

* India

* Inquisition

* Investiture Controversy

* Islam

* Israel

* Japan

* Jews in Europe

* Locke, Letter on Toleration

* Medieval Islam

* Mormons (LDS)

* Native American Church

* Native American Religions

* New England, Colonial to Early Republic

* New York, Colonial to Early Republic

* Pakistan

* Pentecostalism

* Prisons

* Quakers

* Rastifari and Religious Freedom

* Religious Test Oaths

* Religious Tolerance

* Roger Williams Debates

* School Prayer and Discrimination

* Scientology

* Slaves

* South Africa

* State Churches

* Tax Exemption and Political Advocacy

* The Family/ Children of God

* Tibet

* UN Declaration on Discrimination

* Unification Church

* Vatican II

* Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom

* Williamsburg Charter

* Zoning

* And many more.
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