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Terentia, Tullia and Publilia: The Women of Cicero's Family (Susan Treggiari) Hardcover Book, (Routledge, 2007) 9780415351782

Title: Terentia, Tullia and Publilia: The Women of Cicero's Family

Author: Treggiari, Susan

Publisher: Routledge/Taylor & Francis; Publication Date: 2007

Hardcover; ISBN: 9780415351782

Volumes: 1; Pages: 256

List Price in Hardcover: $110.00 Our price: $110.00

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Studying references and writings in over 900 personal letters--an unparalleled source, this book presents a rounded and intriguing account of the three women who, until now, have only survived as secondary figures to Cicero.

In a field where little is really known about Cicero's family, Susan Treggiari creates a history for these figures who, through history, have not had voices of their own, and a vivid impression of the everyday life upper-class Roman women in Italy during the heyday of Roman power.

Artfully assembling a rounded picture of their personalities and experiences, Treggiari reconstructs the lives of these three important women:

* Cicero's first wife Terentia: a strong, tempestuous woman of status and fortune, with an implacable desire to retain control of both

* his second wife Publilia: shadowy and mysterious, the young submissive wedded to compensate for her predecessor's steely resolve and fiery temper

* his daughter Tullia.

Including illustrations, chronological charts, maps and glossaries, this book is essential reading for students wishing to get better acquainted with the women of ancient Rome.

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