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Female Face of God in Auschwitz: A Jewish Feminist Theology of the Holocaust (Melissa Raphael) Hardcover Book, (Routledge, 2003) 9780415236645

Title: Female Face of God in Auschwitz: A Jewish Feminist Theology of the Holocaust

Author: Raphael, Melissa

Publisher: Routledge/Taylor & Francis; Publication Date: 2003

Hardcover; ISBN: 9780415236645

Volumes: 1; Pages: 228

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The Female Face of God in Auschwitz, the first full-length feminist theology of the Holocaust, argues that the masculinist bias of post-Holocaust theology becomes fully apparent only when considered in the light of both women's perceptions of God and of their holocaustal experiencesand priorities. Building upon published testimonies of four women imprisoned at Auschwitz-Birkenau-Olga Lengyel, Lucie Adelsberger, Bertha Ferderber-Salz, and Sara Nomberg-Przytyk-it considers women's distinct experiences of the holy in relation to God's perceived presence and absence in the camps. Engaging with Berkovits, Fackenheim, Levinas and other post-Holocaust Jewish thinkers, The Female Face of God in Auschwitz is a radical and subtle meditation upon God's role and meaning. Questioning the true nature of the Jewish God present in Auschwitz, and arguing for God's participation in its extremities of suffering and grace, it powerfully resists defamatory interpretations of the Holocaust as evidence of divine vengeance, indifference or neglect.

Table of Contents

Series editors' Preface



. Introduction

The Argument of this Book

From Jewish Women's History to Jewish Feminist Theology

1. Reading Post-Holocaust Theology from a Feminist Perspective

1.1 Writing Women Out of (and into) Post-Holocaust Theology

1.2 The Patriarchal Characteristics of Post-Holocaust Theology

1.3 God's Failure to Be Patriarchal Enough

1.4 Re-Figuring Divine Power

2. The Hiding of God's Face in Auschwitz

2.1 The Holocaustal Dis-appearance of God

2.2 A God Who Looks Away

2.3 Presence, Absence and Gender

2.4 Israel, Present to God

3. Feminist Intimations of the Holy in Auschwitz

3.1 The Covenantal Sanctification of Auschwitz

3.2 The Profanization of Women in Auschwitz

3.3 Washing in Auschwitz

3.4 Women's Sanctification of Auschwitz

3.5 The (De)Portation of the Holy into Auschwitz

4. Face to Face (with God) in Auschwitz

4.1 The Degradation of Relation

4.2 The Persistence of Relation

4.3 Facing God in Auschwitz

5. A Mother/God in Auschwitz

5.1 Maternalist Perspectives on Post-Holocaust Theology

5.2 (Divine) Motherhood and Providence

5.3 The Maternal Face of God in Auschwitz

5.4 A Dying and Deathless God

6. The Redemption of God in Auschwitz

Part I

6.1 Jewry's Eternal Presence (or for the Stopping Train)

6.2 Jewish Feminism and the Redemptive Process

6.3 Signals of Redemption

Part II

6.4 Jewish Mysticism and the Narration of Redemption

6.5 Jewish Feminism and the Redemptive Process

6.4 Shekhinah: God Going With Us

6.5 The Vision of God in Auschwitz

The Princess and the City of Death: A Feminist Masseh, after Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav


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