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Conservation Skills: Judgement, Method and Decision Making (Chris Caple) Hardcover Book, (Routledge, 2000) 9780415188807

Title: Conservation Skills: Judgement, Method and Decision Making

Author: Caple, Chris

Publisher: Routledge/Taylor & Francis; Publication Date: 2000

Hardcover; ISBN: 9780415188807

Volumes: 1; Pages: 240

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This extensive study provides an overview of the issues facing conservators of historic and artistic work as well as an ethical framework to which the conservation of objects can be related.

Table of Contents

1: Perception, Judgement, and Learning

1.1 Introduction

1.2 The Nature of Perception, Understanding and Learning

1.3 Limitations and Biases in Perception and Judgement

1.4 Judgement in Conservation

1.5 Teaching and Learning

1.6 Improving Judgement

2: Reasons for Preserving the Past

2.1 The Importance of the Past

2.2 The Importance of Preserving the Past

2.3 Reasons for Presenting the Past

2.4 The Truth in the Objects of the Past

2.5 Destroying the Past

2.6 Visitors & Tourists

2. A Case Study: The DeWalden Collection

3: The Nature of Conservation

3.1 Objects as Historic Documents and Aesthetic Entities

3.2 Conservation: A Definition

3.3 Revelation, Investigation, Preservation (RIP)

3.4 Context

3.5 The Conservation Process

3.6 The Sequence of Interventive Conservation

3. A Case Study: Statue of Liberty

4: History of Conservation

4.1 History of Museums and Collections

4.2 History of Conservation

4. A Case Study: Portland Vase

4: Conservation Ethics

5.1 Ethical Codes

5.2 True Nature

5.3 Reversibility

5.4 Minimum Intervention

5.5 Pragmatism and Prioritisation: The Money Ethic

5.6 Stewardship

5.7 Implementing Ethics

5. A Case Study: Colonial Williamsburg Garden

6: Objects: Their Recording & Investigation

6.1 Purpose and Nature of Recording

6.2 A Conservation Record

6.3 The Object

6.4 Scientific Analysis

6. A Case Study: Benwell Villa Box

7: Cleaning

7.1 Cleaning

7.2 Acting on Aesthetic Impulses

7.3 Soiling

7.4 Original Surface

7.5 Cleaning: Where to Stop

7.6 Cleaning Paintings

7.7 Damage During Cleaning

7.8 Cleaning: The Decision

7. A Case Study: Sistine Chapel

8: Stabilization

8.1 The Nature of Stabilization

8.2 The Nature of Stability

8.3 Stability of Materials

8.4 Recording vs. Stabilization

8.5 Health and Safety

8. A Case Study: Lindow Man

9: Restoration 9.1 Restoration as a Philosophy

9.2 Definition of Terms

9.3 The Development of Restoration

9.4 The Purpose, Acceptability and Extent of Restoration

9.5 Variations in Approach

9.6 Where to Stop

9. A Case Study: Sutton Hoo Helmet

9. B Case Study: Painting--Hans Holbein--The Ambassadors

10: In Working Condition

10.1 Preserving the Sounds, Smells, and Movements of the Past

10.2 Museums of Working Objects

10.3 Museum Objects with Differeing Function and Stuatus

10.4 Objects in Working Order

10. A Case Study: The Forth Bridge

11: Preventive Conservation: Storage, Environment, and Legal Protection

11.1 Preventive Conservation

11.2 Storage

11.3 Black Box Standard

11.4 Preservation through Legislation: Buried Objects

11.5 Preservation through Legislation: Historic Objects

11.6 In Situ Preservation

11. A Case Study: Laetoli Footprints

12: Decision Making 12.1 The Nature of Decisions

12.2 Decision Tree Example

12.3 Estimating Probability

12.4 Risk Assessment for Museums

12. A Case Study: Bush Barrow Gold

13: Responsibilities 13.1 Colleagues

13.2 Objects, Conservators, and Owners

13.3 World Heritage

13.4 Objects of Belief

13.5 The Artist of Creator of the Object

13.6 Stolen or Looted Objects

13.7 Competence

13.8 Advocacy

13. A Case Study: Cartoon: Leonardo de Vinci--The Virgin and Child with St. Anne and St. John the Baptist

14: Conclusion

14.1 The Evolution of Conservation

14.2 Good Judgement

15: Bibliography


"This especially valuable, clearly written, and well-documented overview considers major cognitive issues that confront conservators of historic and artistic works... Superb examples range from Paleolithic cave art to cathedral mosaics, shrunkenheads to Spitfire aircraft, and the Statue of Liberty to the Portland Vase."--C. C. Kolb, Choice, May 2001

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