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Ancient Near East: 3000-330 BCE, 2 Volume Set (Amelie Kuhrt) Paperback Book, (Routledge, 1997) 9780415167628

Title: Ancient Near East: 3000-330 BCE, 2 Volume Set

Author: Kuhrt, Amelie

Publisher: Routledge/Taylor & Francis; Publication Date: 1997

Paperback; ISBN: 9780415167628

Volumes: 2; Pages: 840

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The Ancient Near East embraces the borders of Iran and Afghanistan in the east to the Levant and Anatolia, and from the Black Sea in the north to Egypt in the south. The Ancient Near East dispels many of the misapprehensions which have surrounded the study of the region. In this well-illustrated volume, Amelie Kuhrt offers a comprehensive survey of the history of the Near East from the earliest written documents to Alexander the Great's Conquest, and provides up-to-date narrative which takes into account the latest archaeological and textual discoveries.

Table of Contents


Part I The Development of States and Cities (c. 3000-c. 1600)

1 Mesopotamia in the Third Millennium B.C.

2 Mesopotamia c.2000-c.1600: The Old Babylonian and Old Assyrian Periods

3 Egypt From Dynasty I to Dynasty XVII (c. 3100/3000-1552)

Part II The Great Powers (c. 1600-c. 1050) 4 Imperial Egypt: The New Kingdom (1552/1550-1069) 5 The Hittites

6 Syria and Levant

7 Mesopotamia c. 1600-c.900


Part III Political Transformation and the Great Empires ((i>c. 1200-330)

8 The Levant c.1200-c. 720

9 The Neo-Assyrian Empire (934-610)

10 Anatolia c. 900-c. 550

11 Babylonia c. 900-539

12 Egypt c. 1000-525

13 The Achaemenid Empire ((i>c. 550-330)


"This massive work of nearly 800 pages is an ambitious undertaking that is intended as an introduction to ancient Near Eastern history and is one of the first comprehensive textbooks on the subject."--Journal of Near Eastern Studies

"Readers interested in the world of the Old Testament can hardly do better than to read and reread these delightful volumes."--Bibliotheca Sacra

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