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Gregory of Nazianzus (Brian E Daley) Hardcover Book, (Routledge, 2006) 9780415121804

Title: Gregory of Nazianzus

Author: Daley, Brian E

Publisher: Routledge/Taylor & Francis; Publication Date: 2006

Hardcover; ISBN: 9780415121804

Volumes: 1; Pages: 256

List Price in Hardcover: $135.00 Our price: $135.00

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Gregory of Nazianzus, a complex and colorful figure living during a crucial age in which it was permissible for the first time to be a public Christian intellectual (4th Century A.D.), was well placed to become one of the outstanding defenders and formulators of Trinitarian orthodoxy.

A gifted and skilled rhetorician, poet, and orator, as well as a profound theologian, Gregory was ordained a bishop and served as head of the orthodox Christian community in Constantinople, where he played an important role in formulating the classical doctrines of the Trinity and the person of Christ. Under fire from opponents in the Church, the enigmatic Gregory soon retreated into a quiet life of study and simple asceticism, concentrating on quiet meditation and strengthening his canon of literature. Gregory's body of works, comprising poetry, letters, sermons and lectures on religious themes and written with the terseness and elegance of classical Greek literature, was canonized in the Byzantine age as equal to the greatest Greek writers before him.

A collection of new translations of a selection of these achievements in literature and theology, with an extensive introduction to Gregory's life, thought, and writings, Gregory Nazianzus portrays a vivid picture of a fascinating character of vital importance; who deserves to be regarded as the first true Christian humanist.


I. Introduction

1. Gregory the Man

2. Gregory the Humanist

3. Gregory the Philosopher

4. Gregory the Theologian

5. Gregory the Priest

6. These Translations

II. Orations

1. Oration 8, On his Sister Gorgonia

2. Oration 14, On Loving the Poor

3. Oration 20, On Theology, and the Appointment of Bishops

4. Oration 26, About Himself, on his Return from the Country

5. Oration 38, On the Theophany

6. Oration 39, On the Holy Lights

7. Oration 42, Farewell Address

8. Oration 44, For "New Sunday"

III. Poems

1. On his Own Verses

2. A Hymn to God

3. A Hymn of Thanksgiving

4. Evening Hymn

5. A Prayer before Reading Scripture

6. A Prayer before a Journey

7. Prayer before a Journey to Constantinople

8. A Prayer to Christ

9. Three Prayers for a Day

10. Supplication

IV. Letters

1. To Gregory of Nyssa (Letter 11)

2. To Caesarius (Letter 20)

3. To Philagrius (Letter 30)

4. To Philagrius (Letter 31)

5. To Basil (Letter 48)

6. To Nicoboulus (Letter 51)

7. To Basil (Letter 58)

8. To Gregory of Nyssa (Letter 76)

9. To Philagrius (Letter 80)

10. To Anysius (Letter 90)

11. To Eudoxius (Letter 178)

V. Gregorys Will

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