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Greek and Roman Technology: A Sourcebook (John W Humphrey) Paperback Book, (Routledge, 1997) 9780415061377

Title: Greek and Roman Technology: A Sourcebook

Author: Humphrey, John W

Additional Authors or Contributors: John P. Oleson, Andrew N. Sherwood

Publisher: Routledge/Taylor & Francis; Publication Date: 1997

Paperback; ISBN: 9780415061377

Volumes: 1; Pages: 648

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In this volume the contributors translate and annotate key passages from ancient authors to provide a history and analysis of the origins and development of technology. Among some of the topics extensively discussed are energy, food processing and diet, construction and hydraulic engineering, household industry, transport, trade and military technology. The contributors illustrate the beginning of technology in the ancient world by presenting ancient authors and a diverse range of literary genres, including Natural Histories of Pliny the Elder, the poetry of Homer and Hesiod, and the philosophy of Plato, Aristotle and Lucretius.

"... providing a wide range of the literary sources for ancient technology..."--Religious Studies Review

Table of Contents


A. Society and Technology in Antiquity

B. The Literary Sources on Ancient Technology

C. Archaeology as a Source for the History of Ancient Technology

D. Glossary of Weights, Measures, and Coinage

1. The Rise of Humans and Human Technology

2. Sources of Energy and Basic Mechanical Devices

A. Sources of Energy and Prime Movers

B. Basic Machines

C. Mechanical Gadgets

3. Agriculture

4. Food Processing

5. Mining and Quarrying

A. Mining

B. Quarrying

6. Metallurgy

7. Construction Engineering

8. Hydraulic Engineering

9. Household Crafts and Workshop Production

A. Metal-Working

B. Wood-Working

C. Textiles and Leather

D. Ceramics and Glass

E. Applied Chemistry

F. Large-Scale Organized Production

10. Transportation and Trade

A. Land Transportation

B. Navigation

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