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Out of Egypt: Biblical Theology and Biblical Interpretation (Craig G Bartholomew Anthony C Thiselton (eds)) Hardcover Book, (Zondervan, 2004) 9780310234159
Out of Egypt: Biblical Theology and Biblical Interpretation (Craig G Bartholomew Anthony C Thiselton (eds)) Hardcover Book, (Zondervan, 2004) 9780310234159
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Title: Out of Egypt: Biblical Theology and Biblical Interpretation

Author: Bartholomew, Craig G Anthony C Thiselton (eds)

Publisher: Zondervan; Publication Date: 2004

Hardcover; ISBN: 9780310234159

Volumes: 1; Pages: 528

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The importance of biblical theology to the process of biblical interpretation.Biblical theology is crucial in order to grasp the meaning of the Bible-and to do so on its own terms. In this fifth volume of the Scripture and Hermeneutics series, the contributors (Craig Bartholomew, Mary Healy, Karl Moller, and Robin Parry) turn their attention to biblical theology and its importance for sound biblical interpretation. An important feature of this volume is its engagement with the current thinking on biblical theology in Catholic circles.ContentsContentsPreface Contributors Abbreviations The Artists Out of Egypt Biblical Theology and Biblical Interpretation: Introduction Craig G. BartholomewQuo Vadis? Out of Egypt: The Content of this Volume Approaches to Biblical Theology1. The Church Fathers and Biblical Theology Gerald Bray- Defining our Terms - The Relevance of the Fathers for Biblical Theology Today - Ontology and Biblical Theology 2. The Nature and Genre of Biblical Theology: Some Reflections in the Light of Charles H. H. Scobie's 'Prolegomena to a Biblical Theology' Karl Mller- Scobie's Approach to Biblical Theology - Reflections on the Nature and Genre of Biblical Theology - The Role of Descriptive Analytical Biblical Theologies 3. Some Directions in Catholic Biblical Theology Francis Martin- Dei Verbum 66- The Challenge of Catholic Biblical Theology since Dei Verbum - Concluding Reflections 4. The Theology of the Old Testament by Marco Nobile: A Contribution to Jewish-Christian Relations Nuria Calduch-Benages- The Current Situation of Biblical Theology - The Theology of the Old Testament by Marco Nobile - The Contribution of Nobile's Work to Jewish-Christian Relations Conclusion 5. Mission as a Matrix for Hermeneutics and Biblical Theology Christopher J. H. WrightIntroduction: Bible and Mission - Steps Toward a Missional Hermeneutic - Contours of a Missional Hermeneutic Conclusion: Framework or Map? 6. Story and Biblical Theology Craig G. Bartholomew and Mike W. GoheenIntroductionThe Impetus Toward Narrative from Philosophy and Theology The Impetus Toward Narrative from Practical Theology and Theological Ethics The Impetus Toward Narrative from Missiology:Missionary Encounter between Two Stories Story and Biblical Theology N. T. Wright and the Recovery of Story in Biblical Studies Arguments Against Reading the Bible as a Grand Story Conclusion 7. The Problem of 'Biblical Theology' James D. G. DunnIntroduction Posing the Problem The Fundamental Nature of the Problem The Central Subject Matter of Biblical Theology Conclusion Great Themes of the Bible8. Biblical Theology and the Problems of Monotheism Richard BauckhamIntroduction Monotheism as a Misleading Category The Quest of the Historical Monotheism The Old Testament: A Monotheistic Book? The Shema in the New Testament 9. The Unity of Humankind as a Theme in Biblical Theology Stephen C. BartonIntroduction: Humankind at Risk Why Unity? Unity of What Kind? The Unity of Humankind in the Greco-Roman Tradition The Unity of Humankind in the Bible and Early Judaism The Unity of Humankind in the New TestamentConclusion 254Parts of the Bible and Biblical Theology10. Zechariah 14 and Biblical Theology: Patristic and Contemporary Case Studies Al WoltersIntroduction Patristic Commentaries Twentieth-century Commentaries Conclusions 11. Paul and Salvation History in Romans 9:30--10:4 William J. DumbrellIntroduction Salvation History and Covenant The New Covenant in the New Testament National and Believing Israel Paul and Law in the Light of the Cross Conclusion 12. Hebrews and Biblical Theology Andrew T. LincolnBiblical Theology and Hebrews Scripture and the Relationship between Old and New in the Rhetorical Structure of Hebrews Some Features of Hebrews' Christological Reading of Scripture Does Hebrews' Christological Reading Have a CoherentHermeneutical Framework? Hebrews and Biblical Theology Theological Interpretation and Biblical Theology13. Systematic--In What Sense? Trevor HartSystem Addicts? Or, On the Need to Avoid both of Two Patron Saints Transformation and Convergence in the Frame of Knowing: The Distinctive Task of a Systematic Theology 14. Biblical Theology and the Clarity of Scripture John WebsterThe Importance of Claritas Scripturae The Effective Illuminating Presence of God the Revealer Clarity as a Property of Holy Scripture as Text The Ecclesial Nature of Holy Scripture Responsible Participation in the Discernment of the Clear Word Conclusion 15. Biblical Theology and Theological Exegesis R. R. RenoIntroduction New Testament Old Testament The Problem Expounded Interpretation and the Divine Economy Postscript 16. Imaginative Readings of Scripture and Theological Interpretation Stephen B. ChapmanCritical Attentiveness: The Vulnerable Imagination Toward a Poetics of the Theological Imagination 17. Biblical Theology and Preaching Charles H. H. ScobieIntroduction The Practice of Preaching Preaching and Hermeneutics Three Stages in Biblical Interpretation The Scriptural Basis of Preaching: Historical Criticism The Scriptural Basis of Preaching: Biblical Theology Biblical Theology and Preaching Conclusion University of Gloucestershire The British and Foreign Bible Society Baylor University Redeemer University College Scripture Index Names Index Subject Index
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