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Behind the Text: History and Biblical Interpretation (Craig G Bartholomew C Stephen Evans, Mary Healy, Murray Rae (eds)) Hardcover Book, (Zondervan, 2003) 9780310234142
Behind the Text: History and Biblical Interpretation (Craig G Bartholomew C Stephen Evans, Mary Healy, Murray Rae (eds)) Hardcover Book, (Zondervan, 2003) 9780310234142
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Title: Behind the Text: History and Biblical Interpretation

Author: Bartholomew, Craig G C Stephen Evans, Mary Healy, Murray Rae (eds)

Publisher: Zondervan; Publication Date: 2003

Hardcover; ISBN: 9780310234142

Volumes: 1; Pages: 576

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The fourth in a series of books that result from annual conferences of the top evangelical hermeneutical scholars in the world. The topic for this book probes contemporary theories on the philosophy and theology of history and analyzes how those views intersect with the concept of the Bible as history.ContentsContributors AcknowledgementsAbbreviationsThe Artists Exodus 1952-66IntroductionIntroduction: Chagall's Exodus and the Swart-Benjamin Reworking The Twists and Turns to the PresentContent of this VolumeHistorical Criticism--Critical Assessments 1. Two (or More) Kinds of Scripture ScholarshipScripture Divinely Inspired Traditional Christian Biblical Commentary Historical Biblical Criticism Why Are Not Most Christians More Concerned? Nothing to Be Concerned About Concluding Coda 2. Warranted Biblical Interpretation: Alvin Plantinga's 'Two (or More) Kinds of Scripture Scholarship' Introduction Philip Davies and Epistemology and Biblical Interpretation Postmodernism, Classical Foundationalism and Biblical Interpretation Plantinga and Warranted Christian Belief Warranted Biblical Interpretation? Quo Vadis? 3. A Warranted Version of Historical Biblical Criticism? A Response to Alvin Plantinga The Principal Author The Value of HBC Whence Came HBC? In Conclusion4. Reason and Scripture Scholarship: A Response to Robert Gordon and Craig Bartholomew 5. Do You Want Us to Listen to You?Introduction Critical Studies of the New Testament and the User of the New Testament 6. Taking Soundings: History and the Authority of Scripture: A Response to Peter van Inwagen Introduction Historical Reliability: What Does It Mean and How Should It Be Assessed? Arguments Used to Circumvent the Difficulties Surrounding the Notion of Historical Reliability Does the Authority of the New Testament Depend upon the Notion of Historical Reliability? 7. Which Conversation Shall We Have? History, Historicism and Historical Narrative in Theological Interpretation: A Response to Peter van Inwagen 'Users', 'Critical Studies' and 'History' Reframing History 8. Historical Criticism of the Synoptic GospelsIntroduction The Criterion of Dissimilarity Bultmann and the Jesus Seminar A Critique of the Criterion of Dissimilarity Other Uses of the Criterion Arguments from Traditional Wisdom and Earlier Literature Appeals to What Is Most Memorable Conclusion 9. Behind, in Front of ... or Through the Text? The Christological Analogy and the Lost World of Biblical Truth Kant and the Failed Quest for Historical 'Being-in-Itself' The Mediating Function of Narrative The Vertical Dimension of Biblical Narrative and Its Implications for Exegesis Biblical Inspiration and the Christological Analogy 10. The Place of History in Catholic Exegesis: An Examination of the Pontifical Biblical Commission's The Interpretation of the Bible in the ChurchIntroduction Catholic Exegesis and History The Pontifical Biblical Commission and the Historical-Critical Method Evaluation Rethinking History 11. Knowing and Believing: Faith in the PastThe Scientific Model of Historiography The Scientific Model of Historiography Reviewed Testimony, Tradition and the Past Knowing about the History of Israel Conclusion 12. Creation and Promise: Towards a Theology of History Introduction Disengagement from History in Western Thought History and Hermeneutics Towards a Theology of History The Doctrine of Creation God at Work in Israel: Promise and Fulfilment History and Hermeneutics Revisited Tradition and History 13. The Conflict of Tradition and History Goethe's Observation The Conflict of Tradition and History Soren Kierkegaard 14. Tradition, Biblical Interpretation and Historical Truth Is There Such a Thing as the Rule of Faith? Is Interpreting by the Rule of Faith Consistent with Sola Scriptura? Is Interpretation by the Rule of Faith Viciously Circular? History and Narrative15. Ricoeur on History, Fiction, and Biblical HermeneuticsIntroduction History and Historical Discourse Historical Discourse and Fictional Literature: The Turn to Literature Historical Discourse, Fictional Literature and the Bible Conclusion 16. (Pre) Figuration: Masterplot and Meaning in Biblical HistoryNarrative Structure, Historiography and World-View Meaning and History Biblical Metanarrative and Historiography Vernacular Literary Understanding as Interpretation History and Biblical Interpretation 17. Reconstructing and Interpreting Amos's Literary Prehistory: A Dialogue with Redaction Criticism From Amos's Ipsissima Verba to the Book's Literary Prehistory Sherlock Holmes or Dr Watson? Some Reflections on the Quest for Amos's Literary Prehistory Has the Handmaiden Overreached Herself? 18. What Lesson Will History Teach? The Book of the Twelve as History Context Gerhard von Rad The Twelve Transition How to Introduce the Prophets? The Shape of the Twelve Final Remarks19. Divine Speaking as Godly Action in Old Testament Narrative: The Metaphysics of Exodus 14Introduction Divine Speech the Key to God the Self-Determining Self: Karl Barth on the Priestly Creation NarrativeFrom Exodus to Promised Land: YHWH the Judging yet Forbearing Divine Identity The Reed Sea Narrative Divine Speaking as Divine Action Conclusion 20. Inhabiting the Story: The Use of the Bible in the Interpretation of History Introduction Inhabiting Biblical Narrative Escaping the Anxieties of Interpretation Figural Interpretation Today Conclusion University of Gloucestershire The British and Foreign Bible Society Baylor University Scripture Index Names Index Subject Index
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