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Five Views on Apologetics (Stanley Gundry (ed)) Paperback Book, (Zondervan, 2000) 9780310224761
Five Views on Apologetics (Stanley Gundry (ed)) Paperback Book, (Zondervan, 2000) 9780310224761
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Title: Five Views on Apologetics

Author: Gundry, Stanley (ed)

Publisher: Zondervan; Publication Date: 2000

Paperback; ISBN: 9780310224761

Volumes: 1; Pages: 400

List Price in Paper: $19.99 Our price: $13.99

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The goal of apologetics is to persuasively answer honest objections that keep people from faith in Jesus Christ. But of several apologetic approaches, which is most effective?Five Views on Apologetics examines the "how-to" of apologetics, putting five prominent views under the microscope: Classical, Evidential, Presuppositional, Reformed Epistemology, and Cumulative Case. Offering a forum for presentation, critique, and defense, this book allows the contributors for the different viewpoints to interact.Like no other book, Five Views on Apologetics lets you compare and contrast different ways of "doing" apologetics. Your own informed conclusions can then guide you as you meet the questions of a needy world with the claims of the Gospel.A multiple-view book on apologetic methods, this material deals with a very relevant topic in the midst of a changing culture. Its primary contributors are: William Lane Craig, Gary R. Habermas, Paul D. Feinberg, John M. Frame, and Kelly James Clark.
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