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Israel's Divine Healer (Michael L Brown) Paperback Book, (Zondervan, 1995) 9780310200291
Israel's Divine Healer (Michael L Brown) Paperback Book, (Zondervan, 1995) 9780310200291
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Title: Israel's Divine Healer

Author: Brown, Michael L

Publisher: Zondervan; Publication Date: 1995

Paperback; ISBN: 9780310200291

Volumes: 1; Pages: 462

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Israel's Diving Healer is the first complete, systematic treatment of the biblical motif of God as "Divine Healer." It traces the theme of the Divine Healer from the Old to the New Testament, showing the continuity and discontinuity between the Testaments, particularly in Jesus' miracles that reveal God as the world's Divine Healer. Israel's Divine Healer begins with a study of various Hebrew words on healing. It then explores, within the larger context of the Ancient Near Eastern religions, the roles of medicine, magic, and the physician-priest together with their possible influences upon Israel's beliefs and practices regarding healing. Against this background, the remaining chapters examine, from the Torah to the Gospels, how Yahweh progressively revealed himself as Divine Healer to Israel and ultimately, through Jesus, to the whole of humanity.ContentsContentsPreface to SeriesPrefaceAbbreviationsIntroduction0.1. Purpose0.2. Methodology0.3. The Old Testament Language of Healing0.3.1. The Root rampam': Lexical and Etymological Discussion0.3.2. The Root rampam': Old Testament Usage and Meaning0.3.3. The Old Testament Language of Healing: Additional Vocabulary0.4. The Old Testament Terminology for Sickness0.5. A Note on the Literature Cited1. Human Physicians and Healing Deities1.1. Introduction and General1.2. Human Physicians1.2.1. Human Physicians in Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia1.2.2. Human Physicians in Canaan and Israel1.3. Healing Deities1.3.1. Healing Deities in Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia1.3.2. Healing Deities in Ancient Syria-Canaan1.3.3. Asklepios/Aesculapius1.4. A Sampling of Jewish and Christian Views on Human and Divine Healing1.4.1. Jewish Views1.4.2. Christian Views2. Israel's Divine Healer in the Torah and Historical Books2.1. Introduction: One God, One Healer2.2. Foundations in the Torah2.2.1 Exodus 15: 262.2.2. Blessings and Curses2.2.3. The Promise of Long Life2.2.4. The Promise of Fertility2.2.5. Deuteronomy 32: 39 and Divine Smiting and Healing in the Torah2.2.6. Infectious "Scale Diseases" and Sin in the Torah and Historical Books2.2.7. Exodus 4: 10-122.3. Divine Smiting and Healing in the Historical Books2.3.1. Sickness as a Curse/Judgment Act in the Historical Books2.3.2. Prophetic Healing in the Historical Books2.3.3. 2 Kings 18: 4 and nehumshtamn2.3.4. The Root 'rampam' in 1 Kings 18: 30; 2 Kings 2: 21-22; 2 Chronicles 7: 14; 30: 203. Israel's Divine Healer in Poetry and Wisdom Literature3.1. The Book of Psalms3.1.1. Sickness and Healing in the Psalms: Overview3.1.2. The Classification of the Psalms of Sickness and Healing3.1.3. Characteristic Elements of the Psalms of Sickness and Healing3.1.4. The Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, and Social Condition of the Seriously Ill Petitioner3.1.5. Sin, Sickness, and the "Enemies"3.1.6. "One Foot in the Grave"3.1.7. "The Living, the Living--They Praise You" (Isaiah 38: 19a)3.1.8. Sickness as Chastisement3.1.9. The Healer of All Diseases (Psalms 103; 146; 147)3.1.10. Psalm 91: A Psalm of Divine Protection3.1.11. The Psalms of Sickness and Healing in the Life and Liturgy of Israel3.2. The Book of Proverbs3.2.1. Wisdom as the Path of Life and Health3.2.2. Proverbs 3: 7-83.2.3. 'marpem' and 'n marpem': "Healing, Remedy, Cure" and "Without Healing, Remedy, Cure"3.2.4. Further Psychosomatic Observations3.3. The Book of Job3.3.1. Overview3.3.2. The Main Players3.3.3. Epilogue: The Moral of the Story3.4. The Book of Ecclesiastes4. Israel's Divine Healer in the Prophetic Books4.1. The Prophets and the Restoration of Israel4.1.1. "Sin-Sick" Israel and Its "Healing"4.1.2. "Healing" in Hosea4.1.3. "Healing" in Jeremiah4.1.4. "Healing" in Isaiah4.1.5. Faithless Shepherds and the "Healing" of the Flock4.2. The Final "Healing" of the Nations and Israel4.2.1 The Prophets and the Nations4.2.2. Israel's Eschatological "Healing"5. Israel's Divine Healer in the New Testament5.1. Old Testament Healing and New Testament Healing5.1.1. Continuity and Discontinuity5.1.2. The New Testament Vocabulary of Healing5.2. Aspects of the Healing Ministry of Jesus the Messiah5.2.1. Healing and the Kingdom of God5.2.2. Healing and the Eschatological Jubilee5.2.3. Healing and the Holy Spirit5.2.4. Healing and the Sabbath5.2.5. Healing and Compassion5.2.6. Healing and Faith5.2.7. Healing and the Authentication of Jesus as Messiah5.3. Sickness, Satan, Sin, and Suffering5.3.1. Sickness and Satan, Demons and Disease5.3.2. Sickness and Sin5.3.3. Sickness and Suffering5.4. Healing in the New Testament as a Paradigm for the Relationship Between the Testaments6. Conclusions and Reflections6.1. Summary and Conclusions6.1.1. Sickness as a Curse; Healing as a Blessing6.1.2. God as Healer6.1.3. Doctors and Medical Practice6.1.4. Sickness, Sin, Chastisement, and Healing6.1.5. Prophetic Healing and the Kingdom of God6.1.6. The New Testament Continuum and Fulfillment6.2. Theological and Practical ReflectionsNotesSelect BibliographyName IndexSubject IndexScripture Index
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