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Hellenism in the Land of Israel (John J Collins Gregory E Sterling (eds)) Paperback Book, (University of Notre Dame Press, 2001) 9780268030520
Hellenism in the Land of Israel (John J Collins Gregory E Sterling (eds)) Paperback Book, (University of Notre Dame Press, 2001) 9780268030520
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Title: Hellenism in the Land of Israel

Author: Collins, John J Gregory E Sterling (eds)

Publisher: U of Notre Dame Press; Publication Date: 2001

Paperback; ISBN: 9780268030520

Volumes: 1; Pages: 360

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Israeli Jews' response to and appropriation of Greek culture is the subject of the essays in this rich volume. Contributors provide evidence of Greek cultural influence in Judea and Galilee, from before the Maccabean revolt into the rabbinic period. They also probe the limits of that influence, the persistence of Semitic languages and thought patterns, and the exclusiveness of Jewish religion. While Greek thought had a significant impact on Judaism, Jews remained distinct in the Greco-Roman world. Hellenistic Judaism's relationship to Greek culture was never simply one of assimilation or repudiation. Similarly, the Hebrew and Aramaic-speaking Judaism of the homeland remained distinct from the Hellenistic Judaism of the Diaspora.Martin Hengel opens the volume with a vigorous restatement of his classic Judaism and Hellenism thesis, which is revisited-but not revised-in light of new discoveries. John J. Collins probes the limits of Hellenization in Judea, using the Maccabean revolt as a test case. Erich Gruen reviews Jewish attitudes toward Greek culture. Robert Doran offers a study of Jason's gymnasium. Jan Willem van Henten and Edgar Krentz analyze the honorary decree for Simon Maccabee. Pieter van der Horst reviews the use of Greek language and Hellenistic conventions in Jewish inscriptions. James VanderKam offers an account of Greek material in the Dead Sea Scrolls. Sean Freyne studies contrasts in culture among Galileans, Phoenicians, and Itureans in the Hellenistic and Roman periods. Shaye Cohen examines subtler forms of Hellenistic influence. Tessa Rajak explores Josephus' understanding of barbarians, Greeks, and Jews. Gregory E. Sterling compares and contrasts the "Hellenistic Judaism" of Judea with that of Alexandria. Martin Goodman provides an epilogue, reflecting on the basic issues raised in this volume.ContentsAbbreviations Introduction 1 Judaism and Hellenism Revisited 2 Cult and Culture: The Limits of Hellenization in Judea 3 Jewish Perspectives on Greek Culture and Ethnicity 4 The High Cost of a Good Education 5 The Honorary Decree for Simon the Maccabee (1 Macc 14:25-49) in Its Hellenistic Context 6 The Honorary Decree for Simon the Maccabee 7 Greek in Jewish Palestine in Light of Jewish Epigraphy 8 Greek at Qumran 9 Galileans, Phoenicians, and Itureans: A Study of Regional Contrasts in the Hellenistic Age 10 Hellenism in Unexpected Places 11 Greeks and Barbarians in Josephus 12 Judaism between Jerusalem and Alexandria Epilogue Contributors Index of Ancient Authors and Texts Index of Modern Authors
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