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Augustine and the Bible (Pamela Bright (ed)) Paperback Book, (University of Notre Dame Press, 1999) 9780268006556
Augustine and the Bible (Pamela Bright (ed)) Paperback Book, (University of Notre Dame Press, 1999) 9780268006556
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Title: Augustine and the Bible

Author: Bright, Pamela (ed)

Publisher: U of Notre Dame Press; Publication Date: 1999

Paperback; ISBN: 9780268006556

Volumes: 1; Pages: 376

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This is a lively contribution to the contemporary conversation on Augustine and the Bible. Inspired by the acclaimed French volume Saint Augustin et la Bible, editor Pamela Bright honors the beautifully wrought monument to the scholarly research of Anne-Marie la Bonnardire and her colleagues in Augustine and the Bible.This volume is the first English language edition of the highly regarded Bible de Tous les Temps, published by Beauchesne Editeur in Paris. It presents the findings of eminent scholars on the Bible in Augustine's letters, in his preaching, in polemics, in the City of God, and as a source for Christian ethics. It follows the chronological order of Augustine's works from the mid-eighties of the fourth century to just before his death in 430. Part I examines what can be known of the stages of Augustine's encounter with the biblical texts and which texts were formative for him before he assumed his ministry of the Word. Part II is devoted to a very different kind of encounter--Augustine's grappling with the hermeneutical method originating in the province of Africa. Part III describes Augustine's first foray into the field of biblical polemics when he opposes the Manichees, the very group who first introduced him to a study of the "obscurities" of the biblical text. And in Part IV, the reader encounters the most familiar voice of Augustine--that of the tireless preacher of the Word.Contributors to this volume form a thorough representation of the scholarship on Augustine, and include Anne-Marie la Bonnardire, Mark Vessey, Michael Cameron, Pamela Bright, Robert Kugler, Charles Kannengiesser, Roland J. Teske, S.J., Gerald Bonner, Joseph Wolinski, Michel Albaric, O. P., Constance E. McLeese, and Albert Verwilghen.CONTENTSForeword Acknowledgments Introduction Pt. I Encountering the Word: Augustine's Biblical Initiation 1 Confessions XI, 3-4: "Let Thy Scriptures Be My Chaste Delights" 2 Augustine's Biblical Initiation 3 The Canon of Sacred Scripture 4 Did Augustine Use Jerome's Vulgate? 5 The Great Conference: Augustine and His Fellow Readers 6 The Christological Substructure of Augustine's Figurative Exegesis 7 Sermon 21: On the Verse of Psalm 64: "The Just One Will Take Delight in the Lord" Pt. II A Conflict of African Hermeneutics: Augustine and Tyconius 8 "The Preponderating Influence of Augustine": A Study of the Epitomes of the Book of Rules of the Donatist Tyconius 9 Tyconius's Mystic Rules and the Rules of Augustine 10 Augustine and Tyconius: A Conflict of Christian Hermeneutics in Roman Africa 11 Sermon 23: A Sermon Preached in the Faustus Basilica on the Vision of God Pt. III The Sword of the Word: Augustine and Polemics 12 The Bible and Polemics 13 Augustine, the Manichees and the Bible 14 Sermon 50, Against the Manichees On What Is Written in the Prophet Haggai: "Mine is the Gold, and Mine is the Silver" 15 Augustine, the Bible and the Pelagians Pt. IV Augustine: Minister of the Word 16 Augustine, Minister of the Word of God 17 "He Pitched His Tent in the Sun" Ps. 18:6 (LXX) 18 A Eucharistic Catechesis 19 Augustinian Exegesis and Sexist Canon from the New Testament 20 Jesus Christ: Source of Christian Humility 21 Sermon 43: On What is Written in Isaiah: "Unless You Believe, You Shall Not Understand" (Is. 7:9 LXX) Abbreviations A Select Bibliography (1945-1995) List of Contributors Index of Biblical References
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