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Protestantism in America (Randall Balmer Lauren F Winner) Paperback Book, (Columbia University Press, 2002) 9780231111317
Protestantism in America (Randall Balmer Lauren F Winner) Paperback Book, (Columbia University Press, 2002) 9780231111317
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Title: Protestantism in America

Author: Balmer, Randall Lauren F Winner

Publisher: Columbia University Press; Publication Date: 2002

Paperback; ISBN: 9780231111317

Volumes: 1; Pages: 256

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As America has become more pluralistic, Protestantism, with its long roots in American history and culture, has hardly remained static. This finely crafted portrait of a remarkably complex group of Christian denominations describes Protestantism's history, constituent subgroups and their activities, and the way in which its dialectic with American culture has shaped such facets of the wider society as healthcare, welfare, labor relations, gender roles, and political discourse.Part I provides an introduction to the religion's essential beliefs, a brief history, and a taxonomy of its primary American varieties. Part II shows the diversity of the tradition with vivid accounts of life and worship in a variety of mainline and evangelical churches. Part III explores the vexed relationship Protestantism maintains with critical social issues, including homosexuality, feminism, and social justice. The appendices include biographical sketches of notable Protestant leaders, a chronology, a glossary, and an annotated list of resources for further study.ContentsPreface: Easter Sunday 1. Protestantism in America 2. Brief History of Protestantism in America 3. Varieties of Protestantism in America 4. Williston Federated Church 5. Abyssinian Baptist Church 6. New Life Family Fellowship 7. Protestants and Feminism 8. Protestants and Homosexuality 9. Protestants and Social Justice Reviews"If you are a novice or a lifelong student of religion, [this book] provides fertile new insights into the faith story that was primary in shaping this nation. The dynamic impulses of Protestantism and the imprint of these on this Republic are here told in a fresh, authentic and engaging way. ... For the insider seeking a deeper understanding of the way his or her tradition relates to other faith groups, or for the reader unfamiliar with any of these religious expressions, this volume will be a welcome resource."--Philip A. Amerson, President, The Claremont School of Theology"Providing a readable overview of American Protestantism is a daunting task, but Balmer and Winner do a masterful job. ... Scholars of religious history and religious studies will find this book especially useful in their teaching and research."--Robert Wuthnow, author of After Heaven: Spirituality in America Since the 1950s"A deft overview of historical scholarship on American religion with some shrewd insights into the controversies of our own times. ... Though this Protestant family portrait includes all the usual warts and wrinkles, it will nonetheless help readers understand why religion continues to beat the odds in modern, secular society. Interwoven with stories of individual congregations and the people who sustain them, this compelling narrative of Protestant history is both frustratingly human and thoroughly believable."--Margaret Bendroth, author of Growing Up Protestant"A useful starting point for reflection on the future of Protestantism."--Steven Schroeder Booklist"Balmer and Winner do an admirable job of synthesizing recent scholarship and have created an engaging, if occasionally irreverent, account ... useful."--Library Journal"Balmer and Winner boldly take hold of the large and complex topic of Protestantism in America by its most ungainly part, evangelicalism."--Christian Sheppard, Chicago Tribune"Balmer and Winner have produced a book that is quite readable."--Choice"A testimony to the historic centrality and energy of Protestantism in the broader American religious culture and a worthy and enlightening new study."--Journal of Church & State
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