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Fundamentalisms Comprehended (Martin E Marty R Scott Appleby (eds)) Hardcover Book, (University of Chicago Press, 2004) 9780226508870
Fundamentalisms Comprehended (Martin E Marty R Scott Appleby (eds)) Hardcover Book, (University of Chicago Press, 2004) 9780226508870
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Title: Fundamentalisms Comprehended

Author: Marty, Martin E R Scott Appleby (eds)

Publisher: U of Chicago Press; Publication Date: 2004

Hardcover; ISBN: 9780226508870

Volumes: 1; Pages: 528

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This volume marks the culmination of the Fundamentalism Project, a landmark series that brings together scholars from around the world to explore the nature and impact of fundamentalist movements in the twentieth century. Based on an interdisciplinary program conducted by the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the series is dedicated to promoting an understanding of fundamentalism at a time when misinformation and misperceptions have exacerbated national and international conflicts.The four previous volumes provide the most comprehensive information available on the social, political, cultural, and religious contexts of fundamentalism in the major religious traditions. In this fifth volume, the distinguished contributors return to and test the project's beginning premise: that fundamentalisms in all faiths share certain "family resemblances." Several of the essays reconsider the project's original definition of fundamentalism as a reactive, absolutist, and comprehensive mode of anti-secular religious activism. Some contributors challenge the idea that fundamentalism is a distinctively modern phenomenon, while others question whether the term "fundamentalist" can accurately be applied to movements outside Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Several of the essays also employ new approaches, drawn from literary criticism and from psychology, in their assessments of the problems of comparing fundamentalisms.Fundamentalisms Comprehended concludes with a capstone statement by R. Scott Appleby, Emmanuel Sivan, and Gabriel Almond that builds upon the entire Fundamentalism Project. Identifying different categories of fundamentalist movements, and delineating four distinct patterns of fundamentalist behavior toward outsiders, this statement provides an explanatory framework for understanding and comparing fundamentalisms around the world.Table of ContentsAcknowledgmentsIntroductionMartin E. Marty, R. Scott Appleby.Ch. 1: The Enclave CultureEmmanuel SivanCh. 2: The Vision from the Madrasa and Bes Medrash: Some Parallels between Islam and JudaismSamuel C. HeilmanCh. 3: Mapping Indic Fundamentalisms through Nationalism and ModernityHarjot OberoiCh. 4: Fundamentalisms Narrated: Muslim, Christian, and MysticalJames L. Peacock, Tim Pettyjohn.Ch. 5: Religious Fundamentalisms Compared: Palestinian Islamists, Militant Lebanese Shi'ites, and Radical SikhsEmile SahliyehCh. 6: Protestants and Catholics in Latin America: A Family PortraitDaniel H. LevineCh. 7: Unity and Diversity in Islamic FundamentalismSaid Amir ArjomandCh. 8: Muslim Fundamentalists: Psychosocial ProfilesValerie J. HoffmanCh. 9: Buddhism, Nationhood, and Cultural Identity: A Question of FundamentalsGananath ObeyesekereCh. 10: Fundamentalism, Phenomenology, and Comparative DimensionsS. N. EisenstadtCh. 11: Fundamentalism as a Comprehensive System: Soviet Marxism and Islamic Fundamentalism ComparedErnest GellnerCh. 12: From Orthodoxy to Fundamentalism: A Thousand Years of Islam in South AsiaT. N. MadanCh. 13: What's So Funny about Fundamentalism?Gideon AranCh. 14: AntifundamentalismMark JuergensmeyerCh. 15: The Rhetoric of Fundamentalist Conversion NarrativesWayne C. BoothCh. 16: Fundamentalism: Genus and SpeciesGabriel A. Almond, Emmanuel Sivan, R. Scott Appleby.Ch. 17: Explaining FundamentalismsGabriel A. Almond, Emmanuel Sivan, R. Scott Appleby.Ch. 18: Examining the CasesGabriel A. Almond, Emmanuel Sivan, R. Scott Appleby.Ch. 19: Politics, Ethnicity, and FundamentalismGabriel A. Almond, Emmanuel Sivan, R. Scott Appleby.List of ContributorsIndex
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