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Fundamentalisms and Society: Reclaiming the Sciences, the Family, and Education (Martin E Marty R Scott Appleby (eds)) Paperback Book, (University of Chicago Press, 1993) 9780226508818
Fundamentalisms and Society: Reclaiming the Sciences, the Family, and Education (Martin E Marty R Scott Appleby (eds)) Paperback Book, (University of Chicago Press, 1993) 9780226508818
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Title: Fundamentalisms and Society: Reclaiming the Sciences, the Family, and Education

Author: Marty, Martin E R Scott Appleby (eds)

Publisher: U of Chicago Press; Publication Date: 1993

Paperback; ISBN: 9780226508818

Volumes: 1; Pages: 602

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Around the world, fundamentalist movements are profoundly affecting the way we live. Misinformation and misperception about fundamentalism exacerbate conflicts at home and abroad. Yet policymakers, journalists, students, and others have lacked any comprehensive resource on the explosive phenomenon of fundamentalism. Now the Fundamentalism Project has assembled an international team of scholars for a multivolume assessment of the history, scope, sources, character, and impact of fundamentalist movements within the world's major religious traditions.Fundamentalisms and Society shows how fundamentalist movements have influenced human relations, education, women's rights, and scientific research in over a dozen nations and within the traditions of Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, and Hinduism. Drawn from the fields of anthropology, sociology, history of religion, and history of science, the contributors cover topics such as the educational structures of Hindu revivalism, women in fundamentalist Iran and Pakistan, and the creationist cosmos of Protestant fundamentalism. In a concluding essay, William H. McNeill situates contemporary fundamentalisms within a world historical context. The Fundamentalism Project, Volume 2 Martin E. Marty and R. Scott Appleby direct the Fundamentalism Project. Marty, the Fairfax M. Cone Distinguished Service Professor of the History of Modern Christianity at the University of Chicago, is the senior editor of the Christian Century and the author of numerous books, including the multivolume Modern American Religion, also published by the University of Chicago Press. Appleby, a research associate at the University of Chicago, is the author of "Church and Age Unite!" The Modernist Impulse in American Catholicism.Table of ContentsAcknowledgmentsCh. 1: Introduction: A Sacred Cosmos, Scandalous Code, Defiant SocietyMartin E. Marty, R. Scott Appleby.Pt. I: Worldviews, Science, and TechnologyCh. 2: Religious Fundamentalism and the Sciences - Everett MendelsohnCh. 3: The Creationist Cosmos of Protestant Fundamentalism - James MooreCh. 4: The Worldview of Sunni Arab Fundamentalists: Attitudes toward Modern Science and Technology - Bassam TibiCh. 5: Islam and Modernity: The Reconstruction of an Alternative Shiite Islamic Worldview in Iran - Farhang RajaeePt. 2: Family and Interpersonal RelationshipsCh. 6: The Impact of Fundamentalisms on Women, the Family, and Interpersonal Relations - Helen HardacreCh. 7: Reshaping Personal Relations in Egypt - Andrea B. RughCh. 8: Obedience versus Autonomy: Women and Fundamentalism in Iran and Pakistan - Shahla HaeriCh. 9: Building "Fundamentalism" from the Family in Latin America - Jorge E. MaldonadoCh. 10: Plural Marriage and Mormon Fundamentalism - D. Michael QuinnCh. 11: The New Religions, Family, and Society in Japan - Helen HardacrePt. 3: Education and MediaCh. 12: Funda mentalist Impact on Education and the Media: An Overview - Majid TehranianCh. 13: Islamic Fundamentalism in Iran and the Discourse of Development - Majid TehranianCh. 14: Jewish Fundamentalism in Israeli Education - Michael RosenakCh. 15: The Evangelical Awakening in Guatemala: Fundamentalist Impact on Education and Media - Susan Rose, Quentin Schultze.Ch. 16: Christian Fundamentalism and Education in the United States - Susan RoseCh. 17: The Two Faces of Fundamentalist Higher Education - Quentin SchultzeCh. 18: Hindu Revivalism and Education in North-Central India - Krishna KumarEpilogue: Fundamentalism and the World of the 199OsWilliam H. McNeillList of ContributorsIndex
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