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Ancient Greek Women in Film (Konstantinos P Nikoloutsos (ed)) Hardcover Book, (Oxford University Press, 2013) 9780199678921
Ancient Greek Women in Film (Konstantinos P Nikoloutsos (ed)) Hardcover Book, (Oxford University Press, 2013) 9780199678921
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Title: Ancient Greek Women in Film

Author: Nikoloutsos, Konstantinos (ed)

Publisher: Oxford University Press; Publication Date: 2013

Hardcover; ISBN: 9780199678921

Volumes: 1; Pages: 448

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This volume examines cinematic representations of ancient Greek women from the realms of myth and history. It discusses how these female figures are resurrected on the big screen by different filmmakers during different historical moments, and are therefore embedded within a narrative which serves various purposes, depending on the director of the film, its screenwriters, the studio, the country of its origin, and the sociopolitical context at the time of its production.Using a diverse array of hermeneutic approaches (such as gender theory, feminist criticism, psychoanalysis, viewer-response theory, and personal voice criticism), the essays aim to cast light on cinema's investments in the classical past and decode the mechanisms whereby the women under examination are extracted from their original context and are brought to life to serve as vehicles for the articulation of modern ideas, concerns, and cultural trends. The volume thus aims to investigate not only how antiquity on the screen depicts, and in this process distorts, compresses, contests, and revises, antiquity on the page but also, more crucially, why the medium follows such eclectic representational strategies vis-a-vis the classical world.Table of ContentsAcknowledgementsList of ContributorsList of FiguresIntroductionKonstantinos P. NikoloutsosI. Helen1. Gazing at Helen: Helen as Polysemous Icon in Robert Wise's Helen of Troy and Michael Cacoyannis Trojan Women, Bella Vivante2. Third Cheerleader from the Left: From Homer's Helen to Helen of Troy, Ruby BlondellII. Medea3. Medea's Erotic Text in Jason and the Argonauts (1963), Kirk Ormand4. Pasolini's Medea: A Twentieth Century Tragedy, Susan O. Shapiro5. Rebel and Martyr: The Medea of Lars von Trier, Annette M. BaertschiIII. Penelope6. Madonna and Whore: The Many Faces of Penelope in Camerini's Ulisse (1954), Joanna Paul7. Why is Penelope Still Waiting? The Missing Feminist Reappraisal of the Odyssey in Cinema: 1963-2007, Edith HallIV. Other Mythical Women8. The Women of Ercole, Arthur J. Pomeroy9. Annihilating Clytemnestra: The Severing of the Mother-Daughter Bond in Michael Cacoyannis' Iphigenia (1977), Anastasia Bakogianni10. Mythic Women in Tony Harrison's Prometheus, Hallie Rebecca MarshallIV. Historical Women11. Between Family and the Nation: Gorgo in the Cinema, Konstantinos P. Nikoloutsos12. Representing Olympias: The Politics of Gender in Cinematic Treatments of Alexander the Great, Kirsten Day13. An Almost All Greek Thing: Cleopatra VII and the Hollywood Imagination, Lloyd Llewellyn-JonesBibliographyIndex
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