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Livy (Jane D Chaplin Christina S. Kraus (eds)) Paperback Book, (Oxford University Press, 2009) 9780199286348
Livy (Jane D Chaplin Christina S. Kraus (eds)) Paperback Book, (Oxford University Press, 2009) 9780199286348
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Title: Livy

Author: Chaplin, Jane D Christina S. Kraus (eds)

Publisher: Oxford University Press; Publication Date: 2009

Paperback; ISBN: 9780199286348

Volumes: 1; Pages: 496

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The essays in this volume have been selected and arranged to provide students with an introduction to the historiographial study of the Roman historian Livy. All classics in their own right, the eighteen articles included here work together to present a picture of this creative and acutely observant historian writing during the Augustan principate. The editors have provided an introductory guide to previous Livian scholarship, which contextualizes each essay; each is also followed by an addendum providing further context and selected suggestions for further reading.Table of ContentsIntroductionI. Outlook1. The Dating of Livy's First Decade, T. J. Luce2. Livy's Preface, J. L. MolesII. Structure3. The Structure of Livy's History, P. A. Stadter4. Structuring Roman History: the Consular Year and the Roman Historical Tradition, J. Rich5. Design and Structure in Livy: 5.32-55, T. J. LuceIII. Language and Style6. Comedy, Wit, and Humour in Livy, L. Catin7. Literary Techniques of Livy, P. G. Walsh8. The Style of Livy, A. H. McDonald9. Form and Language in Livy's Triumph Notices, J. E. PhillipsIV. Narrative10. An Introduction to Books 29 and 30, E. Burck11. Livy and the Story of Horatius I.24-26, J. E. Solodow12. Livy's Comic Narrative of the Bacchanalia, A. C. ScafuroV. Cultural History13. The Religious Position of Livy's History, W. Liebeschuetz14. The Body Female and the Body Politic: Livy's Lucretia and Verginia, S. R. Joshel15. Livy's Revolution: Civic Identity and the Creation of the res publica, A. M. FeldherrVI. Sources and Working Methods16. Livy and his Sources, S. P. Oakley17. Livy's Sources and Methods of Composition in Books 31-33, J. Briscoe18. Livy and Polybius, H. Trankle
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