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Oxford Handbook of Aesthetics (Jerrold Levinson (ed)) Paperback Book, (Oxford University Press, 2005) 9780199279456
Oxford Handbook of Aesthetics (Jerrold Levinson (ed)) Paperback Book, (Oxford University Press, 2005) 9780199279456
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Title: The Oxford Handbook of Aesthetics

Author: Levinson, Jerrold (ed)

Publisher: Oxford University Press; Publication Date: 2005

Paperback; ISBN: 9780199279456

Volumes: 1; Pages: 848

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The Oxford Handbook of Aesthetics brings the authority, liveliness, and multi-disciplinary scope of the Handbook series to a fascinating theme in philosophy and the arts. Jerrold Levinson has assembled a hugely impressive range of talent to contribute 48 brand-new essays, making this the most comprehensive guide available to the theory, application, history, and future of the field. This Handbook will be invaluable to academics and students across philosophy and all branches of the arts, both as the reference work of choice and as a stimulus to new research and creativity.Table of ContentsPrefacePart One: Background1. Philosophical Aesthetics: an Overview, Jerrold Levinson2. History of Modern Aesthetics, Paul GuyerPart Two: General Issues in Aesthetics3. Aesthetic Realism 1, Nick Zangwill4. Aesthetic Realism 2, John Bender5. Aesthetic Experience, Gary Iseminger6. Beauty, Nick Zangwill7. Aesthetics of Nature, Malcolm Budd8. Definition of Art, Robert Stecker9. Ontology of Art, Stephen Davies10. Medium in Art, David Davies11. Representation in Art, Alan Goldman12. Expression in Art, Aaron Ridley13. Style in Art, Stephanie Ross14. Creativity in Art, Philip Alperson15. Authenticity in Art, Denis Dutton16. Intention in Art, Paisley Livingston17. Interpretation in Art, Gregory Currie18. Value in Art, Robert Stecker19. Humour, Noel Carroll20. Metaphor, Ted Cohen21. Fiction, Peter Lamarque22. Narrative, George Wilson23. Tragedy, Aaron Ridley24. Art and Emotion, Alex Neill25. Art and Knowledge, Berys Gaut26. Art and Morality, Matthew Kieran27. Art and Politics, Lydia GoehrPart Three: Aesthetic Issues of Specific Artforms28. Music, Stephen Davies29. Painting, Susan Feagin30. Literature, Paisley Livingston31. Architecture, Gordon Graham32. Sculpture, Robert Hopkins33. Dance, Noel Carroll34. Theatre, Paul Woodruff35. Poetry, Alex Neill36. Photography, Nigel Warburton37. Film, Berys GautPart Four: Further Directions in Aesthetics38. Feminist Aesthetics, Mary Devereaux39. Environmental Aesthetics, John Fisher40. Comparative Aesthetics, Kathleen Higgins41. Aesthetics and Evolutionary Psychology, Denis Dutton42. Aesthetics and Cognitive Science, Gregory Currie43. Aesthetics and Ethics, Richard Eldridge44. Aesthetics of Popular Art, David Novitz45. Aesthetics of the Avant-Garde, Gregg Horowitz46. Aesthetics of the Everyday, Crispin Sartwell47. Aesthetics and Postmodernism, Richard Shusterman48. Aesthetics and Cultural Studies, Deborah Knight
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