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Food in Medieval England: Diet and Nutrition (C M Woolgar D Serjeantson, T Waldron (eds)) Hardcover Book, (Oxford University Press, 2006) 9780199273492
Food in Medieval England: Diet and Nutrition (C M Woolgar D Serjeantson, T Waldron (eds)) Hardcover Book, (Oxford University Press, 2006) 9780199273492
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Title: Food in Medieval England: Diet and Nutrition

Author: Woolgar, C M D Serjeantson, T Waldron (eds)

Publisher: Oxford University Press; Publication Date: 2006

Hardcover; ISBN: 9780199273492

Volumes: 1; Pages: 368

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Food and diet are central to understanding daily life in the middle ages. In the last two decades, the potential for the study of diet in medieval England has changed markedly: historians have addressed sources in new ways; material from a wide range of sites has been processed by zooarchaeologists and archaeobotanists; and scientific techniques, newly applied to the medieval period, are opening up possibilities for understanding the cumulative effects of diet on the skeleton. In a multi-disciplinary approach to the subject, this volume, written by leading experts in different fields, unites analysis of the historical, archaeological, and scientific record to provide an up-to-date synthesis. The volume covers the whole of the middle ages from the early Saxon period up to c .1540, and while the focus is on England wider European developments are not ignored.The first aim of the book is to establish how much more is now known about patterns of diet, nutrition, and the use of food in display and social competition; its second is to promote interchange between the methodological approaches of historians and archaeologists. The text brings together much original research, marrying historical and archaeological approaches with analysis from a range of aachaeological disciplines, including archaeobotany, archaeozoology, osteoarchaeology, and isotopic studies.Table of Contents1. Introduction, C. M. Woolgar, D. Serjeantson, T. WaldronI: Survey of Foodstuffs2. The Consumption of Field Crops in Medieval England, D. J. Stone3. Gardens and Garden Produce in Later Medieval England, C. C. Dyer4. The Archaeology of Medieval Plant Foods, L. Moffett5. From Cu and Sceap to Beffe and Motton: The Management, Distribution, and Consumption of Cattle and Sheep, A.D. 410-1550, N. J. Sykes6. Pig Husbandry and Pork Consumption in Medieval England, U. Albarella7. Meat and Dairy Products in Late Medieval England, C. M. Woolgar8. Fish Consumption in Medieval England, D. Serjeantson and C. M. Woolgar9. Birds: Food and a Mark of Status, D. Serjeantson10. The Consumption and Supply of Birds in Late Medieval England, D. J. Stone11. The Impact of the Normans on Hunting Practices in England, N. J. Sykes12. Procuring, Preparing, and Serving Venison in Late Medieval England, J. BirrellII: Studies in Diet and Nutrition13. Group Diets in Late Medieval England, C. M. Woolgar14. Seasonal Patterns in Food Consumption in the Later Middle Ages, C. C. Dyer15. Monastic Pittances in the Middle Ages, B. F. Harvey16. Diet in Medieval England: The Evidence from Stable Isotopes, G. Mldner and M. P. Richards17. Diet and Medieval Demography, P. R. Schofield18. Nutrition and the Skeleton, T. Waldron19. Conclusion, C. M. Woolgar, D. Serjeantson, T. WaldronBibliographyIndex
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