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Church in Ancient Society: From Galilee to Gregory the Great (Henry Chadwick) Paperback Book, (Oxford University Press, 2003) 9780199265770
Church in Ancient Society: From Galilee to Gregory the Great (Henry Chadwick) Paperback Book, (Oxford University Press, 2003) 9780199265770
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Title: Church in Ancient Society: From Galilee to Gregory the Great

Author: Chadwick, Henry

Publisher: Oxford University Press; Publication Date: 2003

Paperback; ISBN: 9780199265770

Volumes: 1; Pages: 744

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This book provides a full and enjoyable narrative history of the first six centuries of the Christian Church, examining how Christianity changed Ancient Greek and Roman society. Following a chronological approach, Henry Chadwick's clear exposition of important texts and theological debates in their historical context is unrivalled in detail.



1. The First Followers of Jesus

2. The Jewish Matrix

3. Jews and Christians Survive Rome's Crushing of Revolts

4. The Hebrew Scriptures in the Church

5. Interpreting Scripture: Philo and paul

6. Apostles and Evangelists

7. Women among Jesus' Followers

8. 'Barnabas', Jewish Christianity, Trouble at Corinth

9. Ignatius of Antioch

10. Didache

11. Marcion

12. Justin

13. Irenaeus of Lyon

14. The New Testament Text

15. Celsus: A Platonist Attack

16. Montanism: Perpetua

17. Tertullian, Minucius Felix

18. Clement of Alexandria

19. Julius Africanus

20. Hippolytus and Liturgy

21. Origen

22. Cyprian of Carthage

23. Dionysius of Alexandria

24. Paul of Samosata

25. Mani

26. Plotinos, Porphyry

27. Diocletian and the Great Persecution, Rise of Constantine

28. Constantine, Lactantius, and Eusebios of Caesarea

29. The Seeds of Reaction

30. The Church at Prayer

31. Athanasios, Marcellus, and the Gathering Storm

32. Fiasco at Serdica

33. Religious Division: A Note on Intolerance

34. Athanasios' Return: A Wind of Change

35. Constantius' Double Council of Unity

36. Julian and the Church

37. Damasus, Siricius, Papal Authority, Synesios of Cyrene

38. Basil of Caesarea (Cappadocia)

39. Ambrose

40. Ambrosiaster

41. Donatism

42. Monks: The Ascetic Life

43. Messalians; The Macarian Homilies

44. Schism at Antioch: The Council of Constantinople (381)

45. Jerome and Rufinus: Controversy about Origen

46. Pelagius, Celestius, and the Roman See in Gaul and North Africa

47. Julian of Eclanum: Augustine's Critics in Gaul and North Africa

48. Augustine

49. John Chrysostom

50. Innocent I and John Chrysostom's Honour. Alaric and the fall of Rome

51. The Christological Debate I: To the First Council of Ephesus

52. The Christological Debate II: From Reunion to a breakdown of unity (449)

53. The Christological Debate III; From the Second Council of Ephesus (449) to Chalcedon (451)

54. Chalcedon II: fall of Dioscoros. the emperor Leo's Encyclia

55. The aftermath of the Council of Chalcedon; Zeno's Henotikon

56. Justinian: Origen and the Three Chapters

57. The Church and the Barbarian Invasions in the West; Salvian, Sidonius, Caesarius

58. Worship after Constantine

59. Pope Gregory the Great (590--604)

60. Pilgrims

61. Penance

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