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Oxford Handbook of Samuel Taylor Coleridge (Frederick Burwick (ed)) Hardcover Book, (Oxford University Press, 2009) 9780199229536
Oxford Handbook of Samuel Taylor Coleridge (Frederick Burwick (ed)) Hardcover Book, (Oxford University Press, 2009) 9780199229536
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Title: The Oxford Handbook of Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Author: Burwick, Frederick (ed)

Publisher: Oxford University Press; Publication Date: 2009

Hardcover; ISBN: 9780199229536

Volumes: 1; Pages: 640

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A practical and comprehensive reference work, the Oxford Handbook provides the best single-volume source of original scholarship on all aspects of Coleridge's diverse writings. Thirty-seven chapters, bringing together the wisdome of experts from across the world, present an authoritative, in-depth, and up-to-date assessment of a major author of British Romanticism. The book is divided into sections on Biography, Prose Works, Poetic Works, Sources and Influences, and Reception.The Coleridge scholar today has ready access to a range of materials previously available only in library archives on both sides of the Atlantic. The Bollingen edition, of the Collected Works of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, forty years in production was completed in 2002. The Coleridge Notebooks (1957-2002) were also produced during this same period, five volumes of text with an additional five companion volumes of notes. The Clarendon Press of Oxford published the letters in six volumes (1956-1971). To take full advantage of the convenient access and new insight provided by these volumes, the Oxford Handbook examines the entire range and complexity of Coleridge's career. It analyzes the many aspects of Coleridge's literary, critical, philosophical, and theological pursuits, and it furnishes both students and advanced scholars with the proper tools for assimilating and illuminating Coleridge's rich and varied accomplishments, as well as offering an authoritative guide to the most up-to-date thinking about his achievements.Table of ContentsList of ContributorsIntroduction, Frederick BurwickBiography1. Coleridge's Early Years, Nicholas Roe2. Coleridge and Wordsworth: Collaboration and Criticism from Salisbury Plain to Aids to Reflection, Richard Gravil3. Coleridge's Publisher and Patron: Cottle and Poole, John David Lopez4. Coleridge's Marriage and Family, Neil Vickers5. Coleridge's Travels, Tilar Mazzeo6. Coleridge's Self-representation, Anya TaylorThe Prose Works7. Coleridge's Lectures 1795: On Politics and Religion, Peter Kitson8. Coleridge as Editor: The Watchman, The Friend, Michael John Kooy9. Coleridge in the Periodicals, Angela Esterhammer10. Coleridge's Lectures: Lectures 1808-1819: On Literature, Matthew Scott11. Coleridge as Literary Critic: Principles of Genial Criticism, Biographia Literaria, Raimonda Modiano12. Coleridge on Politics and Religion: Lay Sermons, Statesman's Manual, Aids to Reflection; On the Constitution of Church and State, Pamela Edwards13. Coleridge's Lectures: Lectures 1818-1819: On the History of Philosophy, Jeffrey Hipolito14. Coleridge as Reader: Marginalia, H. J. Jackson15. Coleridge's Notebooks, Paul Cheshire16. Coleridge as Talker: Sage of Highgate, Table Talk, David Vallins17. Coleridge as Thinker: Logic and Opus Maximum, Murray EvansThe Poetic Works18. Coleridge on Allegory and Symbol, Nicolas Halmi19. Coleridge's Early Poetry, 1790-1796, David Fairer20. Coleridge's Genres, Michael O'Neill21. Coleridge as Playwright, George Erving22. Coleridge as Translator, Frederick BurwickSources and Influences23. Coleridge and Plagiarism, Andrew Keanie24. Coleridge, Biblical and Classical Literature, Anthony Harding25. Coleridge and Theology, Douglas Hedley26. Coleridge and Shakespeare, Charles Mahoney27. Coleridge and the English Poetic Tradition, Christopher R. Miller28. Coleridge and European Literature, Matthew Scott29. Coleridge's Dialogues with German Thought, Elinor Shaffer30. Coleridge and Language Theory, James C. McKusick31. Coleridge and Philosophy, Christoph Bode32. Coleridge and the Arts, Julian Knox33. Coleridge and Science, Eric WilsonReception34. Coleridge's Literary Influence, Seamus Perry35. Coleridge's Early Biographers, Morton Paley36. Coleridge Criticism in Continental Europe, Elinor Shaffer37. Writing about Coleridge, Robert Maniquis
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