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Oxford Handbook of Medieval Literature in English (Elaine Treharne Greg Walker (eds)) Hardcover Book, (Oxford University Press, 2010) 9780199229123
Oxford Handbook of Medieval Literature in English (Elaine Treharne Greg Walker (eds)) Hardcover Book, (Oxford University Press, 2010) 9780199229123
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Title: The Oxford Handbook of Medieval Literature in English

Author: Treharne, Elaine Greg Walker (eds)

Publisher: Oxford University Press; Publication Date: 2010

Hardcover; ISBN: 9780199229123

Volumes: 1; Pages: 640

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The study of medieval literature has experienced a revolution in the last two decades, which has reinvigorated many parts of the discipline and changed the shape of the subject in relation to the scholarship of the previous generation. 'New' texts (laws and penitentials, women's writing, drama records), innovative fields and objects of study (the history of the book, the study of space and the body, medieval masculinities), and original ways of studying them (the Sociology of the Text, performance studies) have emerged. This has brought fresh vigour and impetus to medieval studies, and impacted significantly on cognate periods and areas. The Oxford Handbook of Medieval Literature in English brings together the insights of these new fields and approaches with those of more familiar texts and methods of study, to provide a comprehensive overview of the state of medieval literature today. It also returns to first principles in posing fundamental questions about the nature, scope, and significance of the discipline, and the directions that it might take in the next decade.The Handbook contains 44 newly commissioned essays from both world-leading scholars and exciting new scholarly voices. Topics covered range from the canonical genres of Saints' lives, sermons, romance, lyric poetry, and heroic poetry; major themes including monstrosity and marginality, patronage and literary politics, manuscript studies and vernacularity are investigated; and there are close readings of key texts, such as Beowulf, Wulf and Eadwacer, and Ancrene Wisse and key authors from AElfric to Geoffrey Chaucer, Langland, and the Gawain Poet.Features* 44 newly commissioned essays by world-leading scholars and exciting new scholarly voices* A comprehensive and dynamic new guide to the range of medieval literature from the Anglo-Saxon period to the early sixteenth century* Contemporary approaches to literature, from postcolonial to ecocritical theories, applied throughoutTable of ContentsPrologueSpeaking of the Medieval, Elaine TreharneLiterary Production1. Books and Manuscripts, A. S. G. Edwards2. Textual Copying and Transmission, Orietta Da Rold3. Professionalisation of Writing, Simon Horobin4. Writing, Authority and Bureaucracy, Nicholas Perkins5. The Impact of Print, Elizabeth EvendenLiterary Consumption1. Literature and the Cultural Elites, Ralph Hanna2. The Verse of Heroes, Jayne Carroll3. Insular Romance, Sian Echard4. A York Primer and its Alphabet: Reading Women in a Lay Household, Nicola McDonald5. Performing Communities: Civic Religious Drama, John McGavinLiterature, Clerical and Lay1. Change and Continuity: The English Sermon before 1250, Bella Millett2. Authorising Female Piety, Diane Watt3. Visions and Visionaries, Andy Galloway4. Writing, Heresy, and the Anticlerical Muse, Mishtooni Bose5. Acquiring Wisdom: teaching texts and the lore of the people, Dan AnlezarkLiterary Realities1. The Yorkshire Partisans and the Literature of Popular Discontent, Andrew Prescott2. Gothic Turn and the Twelfth-Century Chronicle, Tom Bredehoft3. Antisocial Reform: Writing Rebellion, Stephen Kelly4. Secular Drama, Elizabeth Dutton5. Metaphorical and Real Flowers in Medieval Verse, Gillian RuddComplex Identities1. Authority, Constraint and the Writing of the Medieval Self, Kathryn Kerby-Fulton2. Complex Identities: Selves & Others, Kathy Lavezzo3. Spiritual Identities: The Chosen People, Samantha Zacher4. Individuality, Alcuin Blamires5. Emergent Englishness, Jacqueline StodnickLiterary Place, Space and Time1. Regions and Communities, Helen Fulton2. The City and the Text: London Literature, Alison Wiggins3. Provincial Reading Communities, Wendy Scase4. Scottish Writing, Elizabeth Elliott5. Places of the Imagination: The Gawain-Poet, Thorlac Turville-PetreLiterary Journeys1. Pilgrimages, Travel Writing, and the Medieval Exotic, Jeffrey Jerome Cohen2. 'Britain': Originary Myths and the Stories of Peoples, Anke Bernau3. Maps and Margins: Other Lands, Other Peoples, Alfred Hiatt4. Monsters and the Medieval Exotic, Asa Simon Mittman5. Spiritual Quest and Social Space: Texts of Hard Travel for God on Earth and in the Heart, Mary Baine CampbellEpilogueWhen did 'The Medieval End?' Retrospection, Foresight and The End(s) of the English Middle Ages, Greg WalkerIndex of ManuscriptsGeneral Index
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