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Gospel of Mary (Christopher M Tuckett) Hardcover Book, (Oxford University Press, 2007) 9780199212132
Gospel of Mary (Christopher M Tuckett) Hardcover Book, (Oxford University Press, 2007) 9780199212132
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Title: Gospel of Mary

Author: Tuckett, Christopher M

Additional Authors or Contributors: (ed)

Publisher: Oxford University Press; Publication Date: 2007

Hardcover; ISBN: 9780199212132

Volumes: 1; Pages: 244

List Price in Hardcover: $180.00 Our price: $142.99

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This volume, the first in a major new series which will provide authoritative texts of key non-canonical gospel writings, comprises a critical edition, with full translations, of all the extant manuscripts of the Gospel of Mary. In addition, an extended Introduction discusses the key issues involved in the interpretation of the text, as well as locating it in its proper historical context, while a Commentary explicates points of detail. The gospel has been important in many recent discussions of non-canonical gospels, of early Christian Gnosticism, and of discussions of the figure of Mary Magdalene. The present volume will provide a valuable resource for all future discussions of this important early Christian text.


Table of Contents

I. Introduction

1. Attestation, Manuscripts, Language, Date

2. Characters in the Gospel of Mary

3. Unity

4. Genre

5. How Gnostic is the Gospel of Mary?

6. The Gospel of Mary and the New Testament

II. Texts and Translations

1. Introduction

2. Manuscripts

3. Papyrus Berolinensis (BG) 8502

4. Oxyrhynchus Papyrus (POxy) 3525

5. Rylands Papyrus (PRyl) 463

6. Comparison of the Greek and Coptic Texts

III. Commentary
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