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Connecting Gospels: Beyond the Canonical/Non-Canonical Divide (Francis Watson) Hardcover Book, (Oxford University Press, 2018) 9780198814801
Connecting Gospels: Beyond the Canonical/Non-Canonical Divide (Francis Watson) Hardcover Book, (Oxford University Press, 2018) 9780198814801
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Title: Connecting Gospels: Beyond the Canonical/Non-Canonical Divide

Author: Watson, Francis

Additional Authors or Contributors: Sarah Parkhouse (eds)

Publisher: Oxford University Press; Publication Date: 2018

Hardcover; ISBN: 9780198814801

Volumes: 1; Pages: 304

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By the late second century, early Christian gospels had been divided into two groups by a canonical boundary that assigned normative status to four of them while consigning their competitors to the margins. Connecting Gospels: Beyond the Canonical/Non-canonical Divide finds new ways to reconnect these divided texts. Starting from the assumption that, in spite of their differences, all early gospels express a common belief in the absolute significance of Jesus and his earthly career, this authoritative collection makes their interconnectedness fruitful for interpretation. The contributors have each selected a theme or topic and trace it across two or more gospels on either side of the canonical boundary, and the resulting convergences and divergences shed light not least on the canonical texts themselves as they are read from new and unfamiliar vantage points. This volume demonstrates that early gospel literature can be regarded as a single field of study, in contrast to the overwhelming predominance of the canonical four characteristic of traditional gospels scholarship.

Table of Contents


List of contributors

Introduction, Francis Watson and Sarah Parkhouse

Part I: Beginnings

1. Praeparatio Evangelica in Early Christian Gospels, Simon Gathercole

2. Prophets, Priests, and Kings: Old Testament Figures in Marcion's Gospel and Luke, Dieter T. Roth

3. The Protevangelium of James and the Creative Rewriting of Matthew and Luke, Mark Goodacre

4. Jesus' Body: Christology and Soteriology in the Body-Metaphors of the Gospel of Philip, Christine Jacobi

Part II: Ministry

5. Rejection at Nazareth in the Gospels of Mark, Matthew, Luke--and Tatian, Matthew R. Crawford

6. Jesus and Judaism: Inside or Outside? The Gospel of John, the Egerton Gospel, and the Spectrum of Ancient Christian Voices, Tobias Nicklas

7. Women in the Gospels of Mark and Mary, Christopher Tuckett

Part III: Passion and Aftermath

8. 'My Power, Power, you have left me': Christology in and beyond the Gospel of Peter, Heike Omerzu

9. A Gospel of the Eleven: the Epistula Apostolorum and the Johannine Tradition, Francis Watson

10. Matter and the Soul: the Bipartite Eschatology of the Gospel of Mary, Sarah Parkhouse

11. Jesus and Early Christian Identity Formation: Reflections on the Significance of the Jesus Figure in Early Christian Gospels, Jens Schroter


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